1. Tell me what happened during the winter break. Last semester it’s $7. Now after one month, it’s $10?

  2. A couple days ago there was stuff in the community fridge in Ritter I think

  3. If there's additional luggage charges for the bus, train might even be cheaper or equal

  4. Megabus allows each person carries 1 luggage and 1 hand luggage. So there is no additional charge for me if we choose the bus.

  5. The train is so much more comfortable.

  6. Holy shit. That is not night time! It can happen to everyone. Where is the shooting place?

  7. Regional Rail (Wilmington/Newark Line) from Temple to Churchman’s Crossing, then take the 5 bus to Christiana Mall

  8. Thank you. I choose this mall since it is located in the tax free state. What’s the name of the other mall you mentioned?

  9. guess that means the intersection of 22nd and Master street

  10. Aha. Thanks. I am an international student, so my usage of English is not natural. I was thinking the post was saying he will move at Aug 22nd and he will study in a master program at Temple.

  11. Hi. Trans pass is for transit only (trolley, subway, bus, NHSL), and if you ride on regional rail, the funds will be deducted from your travel wallet and not your pass. Trail pass also works on regional rail as well as transit. Feel free to ask/dm if you’d like clarification.

  12. Can you give me an example of regional rail? Does that mean I can leave Philly and go to other cities?

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