1. As someone who has anxiety: When I go to the gym I bring my headset and music. I go in my own comfortable safe space and worry less/not at all about others around me. Maybe it would help if you try the same?

  2. There's chemicals in a tropical fish tank. You add it to make tap water safe for fish. If the tank has plants, then chemical plant food. Chemical for keeping water clearer, etc

  3. (Edited to add details) (Second edit to correct error - had Mäewen down as first episode can when she was his second)

  4. Sam and Dean Winchester. I think I’m fine. Then again a lot of the people they work with or save end up dead. It’s 50/50.

  5. You’re asking as a woman who is traveling alone and it seems most advice given to you is by men. ‘Use your common sense’, ‘my wife is safe like this’, and so on. How does a someone, not familiar with the area, use her common sense when Dutch no -nonsense ‘common sense’ isn’t universal? What crap. There is still sexism, racism and bigotry here.

  6. This is waaaaay too much. Stop living your live in fear and making yourself crazy. Damn.

  7. True Religion can have comfortable ones that make the ass look great. Pricey but worth it to me.

  8. The two of you are still kids (you will take this as a compliment in 20 years). Admittedly you had to grow up very quickly but you both are still very young. Both of your feelings now are normal. It’s not a popular thing to say and it risks being downvoted but it is my truth.

  9. How severe is the gambling? 10 bucks on a game bet or a couple hundred to thousands?

  10. Bloating can also an intestinal thing. If it’s accompanied with pain (back and pelvic floor pressure) then see your doctor.

  11. Is your dad still alive? He's the other half of the cheating. He's every bit the homewrecker that she was. In fact maybe worse because his responsibility was to his family. She didn't betray you, he did.

  12. You being downvoted for your comment makes me lose a little faith in humanity. I agree with you 100%.

  13. If your son is willing to take his life for this, then he wasn’t mentally stable enough to go into the armed services. This might be a blessing in disguise.

  14. All I’m going to say is be compassionate, but also be very careful with someone like this and don’t be afraid of calling in a welfare check.

  15. It's carved into the stock of a Chinese made SKS rifle made about 1957

  16. Its a form of runes, not dutch. But i cant seem to figure out what the (looks like bluetooth logo on its side) is supposed to mean. Its not nordic, thats all i know, so unfortunately i cant translate it for you.

  17. Every night when brushing my teeth. I play the game of ‘a demonic face will appear behind me’ as I open and close the medicine cabinet mirror to retrieve and put away my tooth paste.

  18. As a person who has a fear of moths: burn down the house. Change your number and move to a different country. I swear they come back with vengeance somehow.

  19. I'm terrified of them and the whole ordeal is giving me panic attacks. Dead serious.

  20. If they were meal moths I would say get rid of any and all opened flour/wheat products. Sadly I don’t have any other helpful hints.

  21. I had meal moths incubating from my ceiling last year. Didn’t realize it until they started dropping on me.

  22. It sounds like you need the right partner for this that can ease you into erotic intimacy the way you want it or, like in the most case of first timers, the way that feels just right if you don’t know exactly what you want.

  23. I tell them daycare in my area is $1500/month and then I ask them for help paying for it….that usually stops them from asking again

  24. With how incessant Nonna is, she’s going to throw her life savings in their face and say ‘Take my money!’.

  25. A few years ago I found the Estonian singer Kerli. That’s recent for me 😂 I love her entire album Shadow Works.

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