1. Fuck man, India just seems like such a bad place.

  2. Judging an entire country of 1.4 billion from a single bridge collapse video isn't exactly a fair thing to be honest

  3. The WTC collapsed because it got hit by a literal Boeing 757 on it's structural weak point, the Bihar bridge collapsed because of flawed construction, they are completely different things

  4. Do they not know that we practice crashing into things?

  5. Don’t know which part of USN naval training involves crashing into 7500 ton things lol

  6. Nothing beats the USNS Impeccable incident back then...god what a time to be alive since

  7. Dropping sonars and monitoring submarine activity near a country’s territorial waters isn’t exactly a nice action to be fair, but the reaction was “slightly” too much

  8. They do NOT produce these at small quantities, norincos nnvt is pumping analog tubes out like crazy and they are even starting to flood the eu and us market

  9. NORINCO has a different production lines for the PLA and commercial NVGs (although PAP units do just use privately procured commercial ones).

  10. Pretty sure the new PLA standard issue frog suit (like the one used in the image) is the only uniform to implement this design, it's very different if you compare it to the placement of previous PLA combat uniforms

  11. The same exact image was just posted yesterday

  12. I'd say that in terms of long range, the HHQ-9 is a better missile (with it's extended range and guidance system) while the Barack 8 is a better short / mid range AA missile (the HH-9 completely lacks the ability for short range defence)

  13. Xi Jinping personally paid for your downvotes, Tengu, you've cracked the code

  14. Dude's on the Chinese government list of most wanted people, millions of taxpayer money are spent annually to pay for his downvotes

  15. Kim jong IL was 69-70 when he died and his dad was 82, not exactly a short lifespan.

  16. 70 years is the age when Donald Trump was inaugurated (and Biden even older at 78), bro died at the same age some US candidates became president

  17. Ironic how when it's China, suddenly everyone cares about pollution and seeing stars, like they live in a village now.

  18. Nevermind the industrial pollution and car exhaust fumes that will choke you to death.

  19. Tell me you live on reddit without telling me you live on Reddit

  20. Montiel received a second chance after he missed his first shot

  21. Rwanda is the most professional contingent of these UN troops by far.

  22. Maybe not the most professional, bur definitely the most experienced considering how they've constantly in a state of combat

  23. I was thinking more about Rwandans being "peacekeepers." I wonder how many of their senior ranks got their first experience at killing people in 1994?

  24. Don't know if you're smart enough to comprehend this, but there's something known as background checks, which are preformed frequently by the JIU on all UN members, peacekeepers and employees

  25. I've been to Suzhou a few times over the last 10 years, no dude, it's mostly smog and some cloud.

  26. I’ve gone to Suzhou for a week four years ago and the weather and air was relatively pleasant ngl. Compare this to somewhere like Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing, or even Santiago de Chile in South America, where you’ll literally half choke from the air during winter and you’ll realize how much better Suzhou is. (I had some sort respiratory allergy related to pollutants, so pollution usually affects me twice as bad as it would for normal people)

  27. Yes, I agree the weather in Suzhou and the air pollution, is comparably better than other cities.

  28. It's one those pics used as fronts for braindead clickbait YouTube videos of "Top 10 special forces in the world"

  29. Why do Chinese ships not use Chinese characters on the flight deck?

  30. Not really, the comparison is the decks, not the size

  31. The unused foregrips are a reflection of a deeper issue.

  32. Sounds exactly the same to the US army (whom as a matter of fact have been issued similar products like multipurpose grips on a much bigger scale and duration)

  33. Do none of them have radios or any sort of comms equipment?

  34. Bro, they’re like 1/3 surfaced from the water, how can you work out what comm equipment they have when you can’t even see their body

  35. Kind of bummed at how many historic neighborhoods got knocked down during China’s explosive growth period but it seems like the government there is starting to realize how valuable and culturally important those neighborhoods are thank G.

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