1. Everyone thought WW3 would start in Ukraine, but it’s increasingly looking like Taiwan could be starting point

  2. Ah yes! The party that virtue signals about “backing the blue” and “law and order” wants to kill them as well… hypocritical scumbags

  3. From article: “We are ready to offer our allies and partners the most advanced types of weapons: from firearms, armor and artillery to warplanes and drones.”

  4. Believe Darwin called this natural selection….

  5. So true! The second the peepee tapes come out all his supporters will be like “yeah, so what?” We’ve reached that point.

  6. All of their scandals literally follow the same pattern:

  7. Lmao you literally proved my point!! Please provide evidence that Obama, Hillary or Biden had nuclear secrets sitting around their private homes. The reality is you don’t have any and your narrative is driven by hurt feelings nothing more.

  8. If treason was this guys red line, wasn’t it already crossed on Jan 6th? Smh

  9. But of course! Is anyone surprised this asshat wouldn’t keep the nuclear codes or other items as souvenirs or for leverage with buddies like Vlad or MBS? SMH

  10. Trumptards love to virtue signal about how they love law and order up until the moment those laws apply to them. Remember how they wanted to lock up Hillary, shouldn’t the same apply to Cheeto Jesus?

  11. Judgement, racism and lack of belief in science… to name a few

  12. He’s just asking questions like Tucker the fucker lol

  13. Fun fact everything he blames others for he’s guilty of himself… it’s been proven time and time again

  14. She’s living proof of why cousins shouldn’t marry

  15. Someone please tell me this is fake and that she isn't this dumb.

  16. Oh you have no idea how stupid she is… remember she did think Jewish space lasers cause California wildfires lol

  17. Bigliest raid of all time!! Just how this moron would want his raid to be

  18. Here’s hoping it lasts… but given their history that seems unlikely

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