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  1. Maybe it will help if you watch some people playing both of the games on YouTube? That way you can see which appeals to you better.

  2. Oh I didn't know that you can't use pro controllers in Super Mario Party

  3. Ya. I saw a screenshot about the controls and it says "This game uses a single joy-con".

  4. Can't speak for Apple users, but couldn't Android users just get the APK file for Twitter if they want the app?

  5. Down A Dark Hall. The title and location are the same but that's it, the rest is really different from the book.

  6. My retirement plan at this point is an early death in my office cubicle.

  7. "A good worker is a live worker. Free to live — and work! A bad worker is

  8. It is multi factorial, but the car culture, vast distances, highway infrastructure and suburbs/city planning, interstate system, politics, MIC, corporations and so on all contribute to the current US transportation paradigm.

  9. Plus, from what I see online, it seems like Amtrak and freight companies fight over who gets priority on the tracks.

  10. I like how vague they are about the incident. What happened with the boys? People could really jump to any conclusion with this fictional story. Also, the main character's clear jealousy of Jessie, for whatever reason. Basically, everything about this story is ragebait and was meant to piss people off.

  11. If you want Jessie's perspective, just look up the post "My stepdaughters mother cut her hair against her will". The incident in question was the boys bulling the daughter about her chest size. The teacher's way of dealing with it was just telling the boys to 'stop it'. They didn't stop it. The daughter took it upon herself to shove one of them off their play structure, and did something similar to the other boy.

  12. Who knows without the consultation of a plumber. Maybe, with any luck, it's stopped at the u shaped pipe piece.

  13. There are many, and it's hard to say what is the most important. One I wish was addressed more is child marriage. In a lot of states someone under 18 can get married to someone who is over 18. All the minor needs is parental consent and judicial approval. And from my understanding, because they are a minor they can't file a divorcee because marriage is a contract. If they do want a divorce they would needan adult to help them.

  14. Never had to lose weight so I don't know what you will go though, that said, are you looking into taking up some new hobbies? Things to do when you're bored or upset?

  15. Starburst probably did some huge batch of those 'All Pink' bags and these are the left overs. Looks like it's going to be another Halloween of this, since I remember this happening in the past and people have made videos about it.

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