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  1. It’s like buying meth (that reference also include refund policy)

  2. I’m pumped for Las Vegas, the race will suck but the aerial view will be cool

  3. To jest jeden z tych wyjątkowych przypadków gdzie aborcja jest całkiem spoczi?

  4. Spend the whole evening in factory. Then ALWAYS begin your tarkov sessions with 1-2 raids in factory for a warm up

  5. Plot twist, 13yo Timmy learns about his gender reveal event and starts to play with dolls and wear makeup just to fuck with parents

  6. This is abels lawyer, we want to settle with 700k roubles worth of damages.

  7. Forget d2 then. Remember, You get 2-3 awesome raids in the same time those sad fucks sit in silence

  8. yes we are currently developing game on mobile devices

  9. Where are You right now? Direct coordinates would be nice. I can provide food and vodka within 10-15 minutes

  10. They are surrendering to western forces, don’t shoot. Just like IRL.

  11. Quit playing this game and enjoy life. 3k hours of my time I regret investing in such a dumpster fire

  12. If you start the raid with the visor on, and don't take it off during the raid, the breathing won't start. If you lift the visor then put it back down, it starts

  13. Bro tell me about it, this wipes been so dry, at least hit us with a low effort event like killa on shoreline or some shit

  14. That’s too creative for BSG, they peaked at heatwave

  15. Nikita is in Ukraine collecting data for Tarkov. Next patch, war crimes and tons of new loot like radiators and toilets

  16. No risk no fun. Do a PMC only wipe next wipe. Best wipe ever

  17. 3 klesh 2u's on a sprut. 153 shotgun 8 round mag and the nintendo thermal. Only you will see. I also like running a shr1mp with 3 for the meme as well.

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