1. Hey this is neat! Did this survey go through tumblr at some point? Because I remember doing one like it

  2. Hi! Thank you so much!!! No this survey hasn't hit tumblr yet! I'm hoping to get it posted over there soon!!

  3. The options "A want to for a different canon" and "A want to read a different canon" don't make sense. Do you mean that the person wants to see what would happen if canon happened differently?

  4. yeah like canon divergent - what would happen if this changed within the canon

  5. I filled it out. TBH I do wish there'd been a space/open field to fill in some further comments to really give insight into how or if covid affected my/our fannish experience. While I did happen to get into a new and very active fandom around that time, it wasn't related to covid specifically. If anything I worked more hours and was mor busy outside of the house during covid as an essential worker (versus being in lockdown/quarantine as so many were.) Fandom was a nice escape from that but I probably would have been equally active, either way.

  6. i see! thank you for your feedback it may be incorporated into some later surveys that will be sent out!

  7. Hi, I would love to take a look and beta for your fic -

  8. Ah. That sucks. Your max is 90k while I just hit 100k three days ago. Dangit.

  9. What fandom is it? Whats the summary? If it's something I will genuinely enjoy I don't mind extending the limit haha

  10. What are your tastes? Gen, smut, slash, het, au, canon compliant, all of the above?

  11. all of the above. I am a tony stark fanboy more than anything but i read most of everything! not really a fan of het pairings that aren't pepperony but i am willing to give things a shot!

  12. I write lots of ships but Pepperony the most, and my brand in the fandom has kind of become 'how many completely different ways can I save the universe WITHOUT killing Tony' so that probably tells you how I feel about him <3

  13. i think i've read some of your stuff already actually but i've just taken a peek into your works and so many of them seem so interesting !!!! I'm particularly interested in your Wordsmith collection !!! I'll def be sure to check it out !!!

  14. I saw you say you wanted long fics, so I can give you mine. There is absolutely no doubt they meet that specification, lol.

  15. hi! thank you so much for your rec! i will totally check it out! I's super into long fics right now so this comes at a great time!!

  16. Welcome to the fandom! We have the Masterball List of fics stickied up at the top of the subreddit. I’m sure you’ll find something there you like. It’s got stories of all genre and kind.

  17. Hi!! thank you !! would you mind extrapolating on journeyfic? does it add lore to the games? i'll be sure to check out ur fics !!!!

  18. All of these recs look super amazing, I've just started my deep dive into MCYT fics so thank you so much for all your recs!!!

  19. Well, for HP, have you read All The Young Dudes(Wolfstar) and Manacled(Dramione)? Those are the two most popular in the fandom and definitely amazing, it made me wonder for a second whether these are pro writers!!

  20. i'm mid way through all the young dudes but am a) deathly afraid of continuing and b) just reallly struggling to keep with fics aha.

  21. this is super exciting!! i'm doing a study into fanfiction and linking reading habits with COVID via a survey and AO3 data from their recent dump! I would love to talk about some of the research and link my surveys here.

  22. Who was the boy stood on his own at Tony's funeral? I believe he was in front but down the steps of captain marvel.

  23. I thought that it was Harley Keener

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