1. The most subtle diss… Kris’s own face 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Lmao Idk why but this feels like a subtle diss at Kris and I’m here for it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. this design is so ugly to me. i really hate this type of minimalism. what’s even worse is that this doesn’t fit kim’s style, whatever it might be anymore.

  4. It’s Ye’s aesthetic and reading this article she’s even trying to talk like him in a way. The backstory on Kim’s house was that it was meant and designed for Ye’s mental health as well…

  5. it’s rlly weird that she continues to latch onto minimalism when everyone knows it’s not true to her. she purposely uses kanyes aesthetic bc that’s where she feels comfortable but she should quit it.

  6. So Kim’s skkn care line is going to be selling home decore now as well…Just go to therapy Kim

  7. So which one of Ye’s muses was not feeling this story post 👀

  8. Waiting for the Kim fans that agreed with her when she was going in on kanye

  9. S/o Eryka Badu, she got three baby daddies and they all get along..power move

  10. Why am getting Michael Jackson vibes from Kris… the outfit isn’t helping lol

  11. Ye wearing the bedazzled flip flops in the club is peak idgaf energy. I know that club has a dress code policy

  12. Now that you mention it was a lot of Kim’s entourage at the DG show 🤔… I guess everyone caught wind that it was going to be mainly about Kim, so they passed on it 🤭

  13. Didn’t Kim get mad when she saw a bunch of complementary cookies at the cabin with her kids and sisters were staying at…calmness my ass

  14. But does he have the sequin flip flops on in da club is what we want to know... 👁

  15. I can confirm he most definitely wore the flip flops in the club 🤣🤣🤣

  16. damn so everybody on here not rocking with Kylies products

  17. Seen a video of him on Naomi Campbell page at a club too , he appeared to be drinking not sure if it was an alcohol beverage or not

  18. Going against the grain: the industries she mentioned are generally male dominated and filled with misogyny and sexism, and there are plenty of shallow af people in those professions that would be happy to be with someone incredibly attractive and they consider dumb/vapid, especially if they’re rich.

  19. Kim is doomed to be alone, she can't truly love someone if they can't do anything for her. Which is why she states a mans profession rather their moral values and character.

  20. A doctor/ lawyer/ scientists can’t go on random vacations every other week so good luck with your search for love Again

  21. The minimum wage is whatever they want when it’s under the table 😩😩 I’m one of those suckas. I worked as a production assistant for a global rap superstar when he’d come to LA to shoot music videos.. I was more interested in exposure to the industry so I didn’t really care about money and had a day rate of $150 because they thought I was asking too much bc I didn’t have car which is fair bc they’d send me in uber blacks for errands. Now that I do the math it was more like $12/hr-10 depending on if it was 12-14 hour days without overtime. One time they didn’t even pay the extras overtime due to their own incompetence which left a bad taste in my mouth. Especially since I’d carry around his LV backpack with racks on racks on racks. Super chaotic time but it was so cool 🤣🤣

  22. We need someone in this sub who lives in LA to do the internship so we can have a mole on the inside

  23. The difference between white Nike socks and regular white socks is the branding… Ye keeping the economy stimulated

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