1. Wish they could do the same for Warlorrds Metal Helmet/mask (chenge the colors with the material)

  2. that’s amazing, i thought it was the lion guy lol he has new drip everyday

  3. Unfortunately quite generic. But that’s not your fault the dude has like 2 armour sets.

  4. Sadly, hope they add more sets for him, like a pharaoh helmet or smth like that

  5. look far too intimidating. Ippo has been stated to have a bit of a cutesy face.

  6. Midjourney is terrible at generating HnI characters.

  7. Recommend him going to a psychologist if he is depressed/suicidal there is a reason for it, therapy will be useful, if he seems reluctant to start therapy help explain to him that the therapy is not a "7 headed monster" and will be very useful to him to overcome his current situation.

  8. Btw this meme was made by a friend and was posted in his fb page " O tal do laços"

  9. You grew up and develop more maturity, you're judging yourself by the standarts you have today but when you were younger you were not as mature as you are now and probally didn't saw that as a problem. We all have done things in the past and we realise that those things were't good as we grow up and look back. (I hope I could explain clearly). If you continue to have problems with this you can consider therapy.

  10. Put it next to a default and tell me the difference

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