1. this is so inappropriate and i feel like it’s a diss toward Natalie. hanging out with the girl who tried to ruin his relationship? shayne knows exactly what he’s doing and it’s gross

  2. Shayne doesn’t owe Natalie a damn thing. They’re not together. He can choose whoever he wants to be with. Although, (I still think Shaina is an awful choice of a woman) but to each their own.

  3. I’m still a firm believer even with the nerf that chamber is the best character in the game. Even more justified if you’re a player with a good shot. Being able to hold any angle you won’t and immediately teleport to wherever you want in the radius they offer is insanely broken compared to any other ability in Valorant. I do think though chamber can be absolutely awful if they nerf him differently.

  4. 🤔 Maybe she wanted you to quit? Looks like you gave her what she wanted. Was she giving people time off since they would be working extra shifts to cover you being gone? Trying to see any logic to this.

  5. They want you to quit. Punishing you. Stay and make them misserable. Leave and find a better boss eventually.

  6. I left for myself. Not worth torturing myself in spite of them. Be the bigger man and move on

  7. They would have killed Peyton off and Lucas would have been a single dad. Haley would have stepped in and gotten Lucas to realize Sawyer needed him. Dan would have starting coming around again and eventually he and Dan might have figured out their issues.

  8. I feel like Shaina is even worse than Jessica from season 1

  9. She’s way worse. She’s trying to drag another relationship down because she feels sorry for herself that Shayne didn’t choose her. Toxic and honestly bat shit crazy.

  10. It’s screaming insecure to me

  11. I don’t think she’s used to be turned down for another woman and yes that would scream insecurity issues. She’s unbearable though.

  12. Your wife is wondering if that garage door opener can support her weight.

  13. I can’t believe you’re giving this virgin the credibility of having a wife in the first place. We all know he lives in his mothers basement.

  14. Nah, if Ukraine gets invaded, China would be wise to follow suit, if the US isn’t going to do jack shit against Russia, they’ll do even less for Taiwan.

  15. As opposed to how Trump would’ve let Putin walk right into Ukraine because Putin is his buddy?

  16. Quite honestly I bet the show would be a failure if the people weren’t so attractive. That’s part of the the major appeal of the show is the people being insanely attractive. But the problem I have with the shown is it created an unrealistic sense of “this is what beauty is” when in reality a lot of it is just makeup and Hollywood effect on it.

  17. How is 5 wins an achievement in any scenario

  18. When your owner and GM are actively trying to sabotage you to lose with an awful roster? 5 wins is absolutely an achievement

  19. Jujutsu Kaiden, Tokyo ghoul and Vinland saga are all great

  20. I’d highly recommend 86 if you’re into dark animes with governments not giving a hell about its people

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