1. It’s only abuse if you read texts after delivery. Just fucking let them shout into the hole. The only reason these dumbasses so shut like this is because they know there is a good chance of response which then can then use against you.

  2. Very good point. Dashers have to realize they have a lot more to lose than the customer does. To them, it's their livelihood. To the customer, it's a lukewarm $20 cheeseburger. I can't believe how many Dashers are dumb enough to send rude or obscene texts to customers that DD can see.

  3. I love driving away on people who take too long to get in the car. There's nothing better than when they're chasing you down the street. It gives me a raging boner every time.

  4. Makes me fucking mad, because sometimes they might actually enter at 0:01 seconds left.

  5. Once that timer gets down to 30 seconds or a minute, I go hide my car somewhere and turn the lights off. They're not going to get away with making me wait like 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

  6. So you accept and walk in to pick it up and guess what? It’s not ready. So you wait 10 minutes. Then you reach the customer and it’s a hand it to me order but guess what? They aren’t answering the phone or door so you have to wait 8 more minutes. By the time you are finished you have already spent close to 25 minutes of your time for 4 bucks. You have to adjust your acceptance of orders based on what COULD go wrong.

  7. Exactly, Also if you accept an order that's under a mile, That means you're literally in the parking lot of the restaurant you're picking up from. That means there's probably a pretty good chance you're going to be waiting for about 5 or 10 minutes for the order.

  8. You should never take an offer that low. It doesn't matter how short the mileage is, where your market is, or how slow it is. There are two reasons why. The first is risk versus reward. a $4 payout is so small, it's not worth even the slightest chance of a problem, such as a long restaurant wait, or difficulty locating the customer. The second reason is opportunity cost. It's possible you might miss out on a high paying order while you're doing the cheap one.

  9. I'm trying to quit. I got stop scrolling through this post.

  10. Uber has all your information including insurance and if customer reports you attacking police could easily get driver info and uber wouldn't even think twice about giving it out

  11. Absolutely, people have cameras and guns everywhere. You would have to be a moron to go back and get revenge on a customer for either tip baiting or claiming they never received thier order. That being said, a lot of delivery drivers aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, especially ones that smoke cigarettes with customers orders exposed in the car.

  12. Had a couple opportunities to with guys but I don't swing that way. Had a few drunk girls get touchy Feely but I didn't pursue.

  13. I have no idea what it is, but I get hit on by gay guys all the time when I'm doing this as well. If I ever decided to switch teams, I could make a killing.

  14. I don’t understand why you guys keep engaging with customers, just drop off the food and dip, it’s literally called Door Dash.

  15. Exactly, I ignore all calls and texts from a customer after drop off. If I hand an order off to a customer, and I hear them complaining about something missing, I ignore them and just drive away. I'm not wasting my time fixing someone else's mistake.

  16. They already ask us to do drinks, I wouldn't be surprised if a restaurant was like we're busy get on the grill and cook up thier burger.

  17. If it was legal, and I knew how, I would totally go back in the kitchen and help out, if I got my order faster.

  18. At least he's practicing safe sex, Don't want to that potato getting knocked up.

  19. Scabs like you, who actually accept these lowball offers, are the reason the uber keeps handing them out. Have some self respect and stop taking utter garbage like this.

  20. The way I see it, I'm glad my competition is dumb enough to take these lowball offers. That means when a good order comes up a few minutes later, it's more likely to go into my hands while they're wasting their time on an unpaid adventure

  21. Get ready for deactivation, moving violations that go against your driving record are how uber deactivates you. Unless the ticket doesn't affect your driving record then I would be ready to fight it to keep it off your record

  22. Your right. I got deactivated over a non-moving violation about a year ago, and I just got my account back a few weeks ago after hiring an attorney to get the charge dismissed. The cost of the ticket is the least of your worries.

  23. what was your violation, I have had a couple parking tickets myself

  24. Kind of a long story, but I got a speeding ticket for going 80/60. I Hired a lawyer and got it modified to a citation for no drivers license in possession. They put the charge in wrong on my BMV record, and both charges showed up when I got my background check, resulting in deactivation. I was able to fix it and only have the no license charge on there, but they didn't reactivate me until I got the entire charge dismissed. Each state is different, so it's pretty impossible to know for certain what types of infractions can lead to deactivation.

  25. I occasionally snag a few fries out of Five guys orders when they forget to seal the bags. They smell so good that I just can't help myself. I like to think of it as quality control.

  26. I'm surprised they didn't put a bigger worm on the hook.

  27. Why didn’t you reference the other 127 posts on the subject instead of creating a new one?

  28. In his defense, there are very few unique posts. How many posts do you see every day bitching about non-tippers?

  29. i thought it was a scam at first to get us to accept low pay orders but after not caring and accepting low tip/ no tip orders for about a day or two i managed to get my AR up to 50% then 70%. after getting it 50% i started to get about 2-3 “high pay orders” out of every 5 orders i’d get then once i got to 70% i started to get about 4 or 5 “high pay orders” out of every 6 or 7 orders so it definitely seems like it’s slowly becoming worth it (in my area at least) i did however get a no tip order from mcdonald’s yesterday during my grind to 80% and it was the only mcdonald’s order i had and they just happened to claim that they didn’t get my order so i have a CV but it says on the app that it took me a long time to deliver the order even though the customer is saying that she didn’t get it at all. normally i would worry but with a 4.89 overall rating and an almost 80% AR and 100% completion rate, i hope they realize that the ONLY no tipper of yesterdays shift is full of shit and lying about not getting their food. i’m pretty sure i had to take a picture during delivery and i always do so i have that on my side if anything were to happen. it’s stupid customers like these that make me regret accepting no tip orders. you never know how they’re gonna rate you. she was even nice on the app so i’m not sure what made her turn theiving little hoe 🤷🏼‍♂️

  30. Whenever a customer claims they didn't receive their order, they should check 2 things. Did they tip? And did they make an attempt to contact dasher in the app before reporting it was never delivered. If the answer to these questions is no, they are most likely a lying POS.

  31. I wonder if somehow all of this guy's bells and whistles help him make money. Maybe people tip him fat

  32. I just have to cancel every multiple stop ride. I can’t afford to do these for $5.00. These people take all day even when they’re told it’s five minutes maximum and then they’ll need a new Lyft. Gas is too expensive.

  33. That's why I really like this idea. It would get rid of a lot of the tension between drivers and pax on these types of rides. If they are in and out in under 5 minutes, they only get charged a few extra dollars. If they take an hour, they get charged and we get paid accordingly.

  34. It's possible, but I've literally watched someone who was living on social assistance and constantly out of money and borrowing from their parents order a huge amount of food, pay for it, then make another order for a single drink of pop because they didn't like what I had to drink here. They paid like $15 for a single drink of pop.

  35. Middle aged obese trash balls ordering Dairy queen from DD- your tax dollars at work people.

  36. It depends. Sometimes they straight up offer a double delivery that’s already grouped together.

  37. Damn, you have a cooler. You are the poster boy for delivery drivers.

  38. I hope nobody is living paycheck to paycheck doing this job. If your car breaks down, and you need money to fix it, and you can't work. You're screwed.

  39. It's crap that were held responsible for this stuff. It should be up to the parents to make sure their children are properly secured not us.

  40. I’ll tip you on the app. I too get that all the time. Thought it was just me until I saw everyone on Reddit saying the same thing.

  41. If you're not going to tip, whatever, but if you lie about it to get our hopes up, you're just going out of your way to be a douchebag.

  42. If a customer didn't leave a tip, and they are asking for a refund, they are most likely a scammer.

  43. Drivers hate these short rides with multiple stops. Best way would be to ask him and pay cash for the trip back.

  44. I'm extremely liberal but this experience is really red pilling me. My whole life turned upside down because I wouldn't wait for this lady to go order chicken in a restaurant that had a line around the corner and down the street. This lady completely ruined my life with one accusation and they wont even tell me what she has accused me of just that I was deactivated for sexual misconduct/ assault

  45. I hear you man I had an ex girlfriend accuse of rape to get revenge on me for dumping her, and it damn near ruined my life. What was the age and race of this stupid bitch.

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