1. It's 100mm travel with a straight steerer, so you're limited to forks with a straight 1 1/8" steering tube unless your head tube has a 44mm internal diameter (which would allow you to replace the lower headset with a 1.5" and run tapered). It's also 9mm QR, so unless your front hub can be adapted for a through axle you'll need to replace it or stick to lower end forks.

  2. Thank you for your help. I forgot to mentioned I use my bike for trails. I didn’t know back in 2014 what xc, trail, enduro meant… I’m only getting into these upgrades now.

  3. I just had a look at the bike, and it has a 1.5" head tube, so if you want something a bit more capable replacing the lower headset for around $50 opens a whole world of fork options, and you could probably go 110 or even 120mm travel without ruining the geo. I run a Manitou Mattoc (34mm stanchions) and love how it feels.

  4. Huge congrats on the upgrades, the results, and the weight loss. As someone else said, a dropper (oneup, pnw, etc) would make a huge difference. Fully drop it for the downs, some where partially up for stuff that's sort of rollers, so that your center of gravity on the bike is lower and you're not so tippy, but you still get power pedaling while seated, and fully raised for grinding out climbs.

  5. Thank you for the reply! I will definitely check it out.

  6. This bike is a medium size; would still fit? I’ve been looking at them.

  7. The fans ramping up and black screen occurring are signs of the new connector unfortunately having fragile sense terminals. Whoever your cable is from (post shows removed now so I can't see) just RMA with them and you'll be all fixed up. :)

  8. It’s your cable lol, what should I do next?

  9. That looks so much longer that I would have imagined.

  10. I love mine, quality is amazing! But is not action camera… I’m hoping they’ll build a good quality case for it so it can become one.

  11. wow, the camera person could give two shits about the child…

  12. Those are giants balloons for practice shooting.

  13. Are we talking wheel or rim? If you want a new rim, you need to learn how to lace the spokes properly or have it done by a shop. Many shops don’t really like to do that kind of work though. If we talk about wheels, you need one with a 9x100 quickrelease hub.

  14. Just learned something new lol. I want a wheel! So I need 9x100, I’m assuming is because the QR is 9mm and the width of the hub 100mm? I’ll start searching with that. Thank you!

  15. I believe the qr is smaller. It’s the axle size the qr slips into. Bikes are a rabbit hole… :) I could be wrong though still learning

  16. I was able to find a company in on the other side of the country that had one wheel that can fit a 2.4 tire and it’s 9x100QR, and it was only $89!

  17. I wish I understood what the heck that chart means.

  18. It means your rim may work with 2.4” tires, but Schwalbe recommends rim width of 30mm or wider.

  19. I know understand the charts. I also found a tiny label on bike stating 19mm. I need to buy a new front rim. Thank you!

  20. Aliens must like Suffolk… because they even came here to Suffolk NY in the 90s. If you don’t know the story, Google it. 1992 Southaven Park UFO crush… Crazy stories about it, even that the UFO was shut down with alien technology from Brookhaven Labs which is minutes away… we also have a Particle Accelerator near by.

  21. Is this for new people waiting for their results or for an update?

  22. You can get a 540 on bike closet for $254 shipped. Doesn't really answer your question at all but I just ordered one and it seemed like a good deal seeing as though it was just released.

  23. Sorry, use code WINTER30. Would have been an even better deal on the 840 but it was out of stock. Hopefully I can get used to the buttons seems to be the biggest criticism with the new UI.

  24. I got a labor day code and it went thru. Thank you!

  25. Why upload the last one? Even the light on the light post is smudged.

  26. I heard UAP speed was 70 knots when seen underwater. Fastest US sub attack is 35 knots I believe.

  27. I never goes INTO the cloud, its visible the entire way. Could be a bug and so small it just begins to fade.

  28. You think so? I thought it was a bird, but when it gets to left doesn’t it go behind the clouds?

  29. Here is another one from Colombia, you think is a bird in the foreground, but then you realized it goes in the clouds:

  30. Looks "off". motion against the clouds is not smooth. could be balloons. doesn't pass the smell test for me.

  31. I see how the motion is off, I thought it was dirt on the window.

  32. Talk about ruining a beautiful building…

  33. Is this where Eisenhower had three meetings with Aliens in 1954?

  34. Is this where the men in black tell them what they can question and what not to question?

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