Piece of Cake, Me, Digital, 2022

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C'est magnifique

Did someone say... cake?

  1. It sounded like when break stuff in a Lego game

  2. Cool, not let's see it happen in America

  3. For non-english speakers: My grandfather passed away last year, so for my grandmother's 80th birthday I made it a custom for my grandfather. He worked for the forest service for 48 years and was the biggest fan of Smokey the Bear.

  4. Yea It’s an awesome feeling seeing one of the red beauties especially when it’s a peg find 👍🏼 Did we talk about you finding one previously? I seen your post finding 2 of them

  5. Ya, thats me. I don't think we talked about it though

  6. If you look close on the door you can see it says GMC 1500, making this a first gen (1990-1998) GMC Sierra.

  7. I miss booklets, I would take mine and have myself a library of them. Even if games don't have booklets, a QR code to a detailed pdf wouldn't be that bad either.

  8. Who else thought it was a Taxidermy animal until it moved?

  9. Worked at walmart, always hated when kids and teens come into the store to fuck shit up. I was payed to keep the store organized not kick up after kids. Though they did keep it interesting from time to time when they didn't destroy shit...

  10. Maybe create a tray to hold the batteries? Can't wait to see it running.

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