1. I thought it was kind of touching how genuinely happy he looked for a few seconds there. Not a look that's seen very often

  2. and it was all because of ian's appearance. hes so isolated and miserable now :(

  3. Not hating on you for liking them. I'm sure I like some stuff you would hate. But they always make me think of this amazing

  4. Ik for regular jobs, they say to keep it 1 column with no graphics. But if they’re looking for a Marketer, this looks amazing. I like this design

  5. Yeah, I think the column and boxed off skills would give ATS's fits. I think I'd make this more basic if you think you may be submitting to a company where an ATS is going to see it first.

  6. Thanks for the tip, the track sounded pretty good.

  7. Check out Renoise. It's a tracker and very different than most of the other DAWs out there. It's the only one that ever "clicked" for me. It's not free, but had a free demo and was only like $80 or so when I bought it several years ago.

  8. I love how it seems that this franchise has always been out in front of the rest. Not always on the field, but where it truly counts on a much grander level than just final scores and ball plays.

  9. Over 3 decades on this planet and I've never heard of Gentle Giant. Thank you for sharing! It's lovely.

  10. Now I'm going to throw the song on. Better than the drugs IMO. I should note that I'm going to go with the Death version. I'm fact I'm gonna get down with the whole album, The Sound Of Preseverance. Not that anybody asked, but I'm drunkish and rambling.

  11. Where's the Ashley Babbitt glass cannon class

  12. Florida should wear their gator skin swamp greens, and ASU should wear these when they play. Battle of the ugliest uniforms.

  13. Joe Rogan meets Barstool meets Rich Eisen

  14. MaAfee antics don’t feel genuine. To me he’s a guy who acts like he does to be popular more so than someone being themselves like corso felt.

  15. So rimworld is a story generator at its best. Let me tell you a story that happened just yesterday.

  16. Could I just kind of sit back and "let the game play itself" if I wanted? Like just watch what unfolds without too much input from me?

  17. I think we’re getting too much hype. Feel like it’s setting us up for failure even if Napier and Richardson have a really good year. I wish people would temper expectations and settle in for what we are doing right now. Almost a complete and total rebuild. I’m still not sure if Napier is the overall guy but it really seems like he could build an incredible foundation

  18. CBN has been kind of telling us to pump the brakes repeatedly. AR looks like he's straight out of a 99-level "Create A QB", but I don't feel he's proven enough for us to be so over the moon about him. He had 39 completions last year. I hope he can stay healthy.

  19. Controversial take that’s gonna get me downvoted into oblivion but what exactly do people see in McAfee? I have tried listening to him on multiple occasions and find his show terrible. Dude seems dumb as a bag of rocks.

  20. Did anyone else see how he kept looking at her with a lustful stare? He was ether aroused by her talking about it or wanting her knowing that he can’t have her.

  21. Noticed this as well. I felt like his eyes were always on her chest when he looked her way but couldn't decide if that's just because he doesn't like making eye contact with her.

  22. I had never thought of this. Are there currently Twitch channels that are similar to Ram Dass's vibe? If so, I'd love some links.

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