1. Resident hater Rob Parker says hello. 😏

  2. Whens the last time 2 1 seeds met in the sb?

  3. Super Bowl 52: coincidentally involving the Eagles facing the Patriots.

  4. What did hurts do that was impressive today? Just asking…

  5. Didn't do QB mistakes that would cost his team the W.

  6. Raiders fans to Chiefs fans (while remembering Walt Coleman): "First time?"

  7. Fitting that SAS once called the same Toronto Maple Leafs the Dallas Cowboys of the NHL. Lmao. 😄 (

  8. If Mahomes can beat Buffalo or Cincy on one leg , it may be the greatest playoff performance in history.

  9. *Arguably. Brady did play and won a SB with the Bucs with a torn MCL no less.

  10. Commanders: "Imma head out."

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