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  1. The title describes the thing. Fell out of the dash of my car on the driver's side. What is it?

  2. I find it helpful to stack the chores onto the end of tasks I will be doing anyway. For example, I wipe down my desk every time I tidy it. I also clean my sink every time I wash up. It’s helpful to never need to put aside time for ‘chores’ because I’m so used to doing them bit by bit without even having to think about it.

  3. Roomba makes a really good autonomous vacuum and mop, now.

  4. I've been getting a lot (many, many, many) of soaps from farmers markets. I have a problem...

  5. Rose's Naturals has fantastic products. She is at the Fulshear Farmers' Market every Saturday, or you can order online.

  6. Looks like callaloo to me! Make some soup with it!

  7. After looking at some pictures, I think this might be it! The vendor also told me to make soup with it, so you're probably right!

  8. the other one is Asian long beans. they have many common names, but they're basically used like greens beans.

  9. Arrowhead plant, Syngonium podophyllum

  10. Any info on the back of the seafood plate? I love it!

  11. Yes! Back of the plate says LJungberg collection. Signature on the front says W. Youngberg.

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