Theory: Sparta saw this video and mentally mixed it up with harvest moon

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  1. Hard to see the connection between puzzle game and Eminem, but as the rapper's fan it still looks interesting XD

  2. With the little logo thing at the top of the post (on mobile), I legit thought they meant the sweets M&Ms and somehow butchered the spelling.

  3. I have legit seen someone else post this photo and story before in another subreddit.

  4. I saw a similar one but the guy in the post saw a humongous fly, like the size of a tenis ball. I want to believe they are real because they look so cool, but maybe we remember things bigger than they actually where, just because of the child perspective.

  5. I remember the car driving through the countryside and disappearing before jump scare

  6. I remember when google was new you had to be super careful on images, because some of them was gif jumpscares in the form of memes. They would tell you to look closer and you would, nothing would happen for a bit, you'd think it was a legit image and then it would jump out at you.

  7. They once tried to train an A.I. to distinguish between male and female faces.

  8. Agree but if we can somehow 100% pinpoint the gender, we have on more piece of this puzzle and one step closer to solving this

  9. I always felt like this kid maybe made it. Just because the kid seems to have planned his dissapearance meticulously and he was supposed to be a more precocious child. Although he didn't look mature he might have been mature in mental age.

  10. One of the few cases I think the person may still be alive.

  11. Out of curiosity, when was the dead internet theory debunked? We know for a fact reddit uses bots to make its site seem more active, and its not the only site to do this.

  12. I do remember that one you mention, if I remember right it was a theory that it was a school play but not confirmed, of course, I could be wrong and am happy to take a second look if you can send it over.

  13. LOL this guy literally made a new subreddit called “lostmediadfreindly” (yes, freindly) because of the “harassment” in this sub

  14. Then lets leave them to enjoy it please, and simply leave them be.

  15. We can get a banner if people here want one, what would you all like?

  16. Entertaining reading, but I bet this is some weird fetish fantasy writing. It reads exactly the same as that poo jar story from a few months ago.

  17. If whang makes a video he needs to lump them all together, connect them, and let the jar body 'fluids' guy know we are onto him.

  18. The OBC cast is a series of streams from around 2010 and they were exclusive to members of Outrageous Builders Club which was the third tier of the original roblox premium subscription. They covered stuff like roblox news and upcoming updates. It was streamed on a website called ustream which i hadn't heard of until recently, but all of the old links to the stream recordings no longer function and just bring up an error message due to the age of it. So far, this is the only found footage of it.

  19. I'd rather be able to breathe and have trees thanks. Also this thread is nearly a month old, and you are trying to argue about making the world a bit better lol.

  20. Just want to say you do great work, your historical research far surpasses most cryptozoology literature.

  21. The only problem with that is others remember it in his files and remember him showing them the photo.

  22. The only people I can find who corroborate Sandersons story are Frank Graves and John Keel, both of whom are storytellers who would have enjoyed keeping the story going.

  23. Yes can find, which is the key here. Others have but you have to really dig for them or know someone in the know, I'm not going to say too much for those peoples privacy.

  24. It does fit. This version of the video has been missing for a long time. Did I put the wrong Flair?

  25. Its a bot. It replies to all posts here, you can largely ignore it.

  26. Sorry I was in a rush when I typed it. He does internet mystery type videos, his channel is called Whang! And the video was about how it had been located and the first 18 pages located. After messaging him on Instagram about it he seemed rather nonplused, saying I should buy it if I wanted it for my own purposes but it's already all but found.

  27. Sorry, I meant you should add whangs video to your post for context, for those unaware of what this lost media is. I know who whang is lol

  28. Yea we do that too lol, photos get more attention as people do not always like to read long posts. To read a post you have to open the post itself but photos you dont, so they get more attention.

  29. Post away…it’s just old news and not the bigger picture as far as I can see. But to each, his own.

  30. The thunderbird photo isnt even accessable lol. Maybe share those happenings with us?

  31. i don’t remember the competitions, but i think i know the type of thing you’re talking about appearing at the bottom of the screen. they’re called up next banners. this page might be helpful to you. sorry if it’s not!

  32. They was not next up ones because they was random, but thats similar.

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