1. Brandie Bae has done a couple of really good bi mmf scenes

  2. The only reason I keep pushing my envelope is to live up to standards of anal the likes of Natalie Mars. Not an achievable goal for everyone though.

  3. You can also get stick pads, good for 2 days tops. In warm water they just get off and nails can be reused compared to acetone method.

  4. I’ll have to find some of these. Have you bought them in the past? If so where from

  5. Very happy relationship of nearly 4 years with my gf. We’re both bi maybe that helps. I always have my nails done, I could wear fem stuff any time I want. When she orders clothes and I’m in to take delivery, I often send a pic of me dressed in them. She’s all good with pegging etc. Will help me get dolled up

  6. I have that dildo on the very right. King cock dildos are amazing aren’t they!

  7. There was a guy who was a massive gambler and he had a bet about getting implants. Lost the bet, got them done, and now loves them. Try find it

  8. I know that’s Aubrey Kate, but has anyone got a link to the scene?

  9. Yeah I’m absolutely going to need the source on this

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