1. Lately I have come to feel that the pigeons are spying on me. What other explanation can there be? . . . Yesterday, as I sat in the Garden, I examined this apartment house. There are 46 windows facing Beacon Street but only one — mine — was graced with those evil-looking birds. . . . What draws them there? Why my window?”

  2. It may or may not be a diamond. If it is, the grading is dubious and valueless as it does not grade color and does not seem to be from any recognized agency .

  3. I think it’s part of the shell from an old heating boiler or octopus furnace

  4. Back in the 70s, the US was at a crossroads.

  5. Solved. Any idea why one end is tapered and threaded?

  6. There are two types of buffing wheels. One has a big hole and is clamped between two washers, the other has a small hole and is mounted by letting the tapered screw drive its way into the hole until it grabs.

  7. They are called chicanes, and they are used for traffic calming.

  8. More than that, it implies trickery, deceit and sleight of hand.

  9. wow, very interesting! I had read that the Milwaukee subway was a big New Deal project, but I had no idea about the effects on the neighborhood. thank you!

  10. He’s not talking about the Milwaukee Dearborn Subway, he’s talking about the extension of the Logan Square line to Jefferson Park in the 1960s

  11. Lol I know there’s the bus but that’s a pain in the ass too having to take the bus down Harlem and then down Addison and takes just as long.

  12. This particular plan would save about 1 mile on that trip. Have the same number of stops and add two platform waits.

  13. I doubt that you can match them. They are using screws for round keys and both the position and start of the thread are specific in each hole.

  14. Good think you know nothing about construction or the project.

  15. It was never a superfund site. The superfund site is the old gas works off North Ave on the other side of the river.

  16. https://www.rwcollins.com/projects/environmental-remediation-chicago-lincoln-yards/

  17. 27.7 k tons. Dry dirt weighs 2200 lbs per cubic yard. It’s 53 acres and an acre is 4840 sq yards.

  18. Only if your address is in the buffer zone.

  19. Brass. Probably plated with silver or nickel at one time, but it’s mostly worn off now.

  20. okay, good to know. how can we check to ensure it's brass and not something else?

  21. There are a limited number of yellow metals. Brass, bronze and gold.

  22. If your gonna silver braze it, you can’t harden it later, because the braze melts lower than hardening temperatures.

  23. Wow! That’s crazy. I wonder what that trim will be used for.

  24. I got it to play on the YouTube app. That’s so cool that you have a factory with a loom like this! I’d be very curious to know what else you can make.

  25. The c clamp is not normally with the surface gauge. It is part of a set of mounting attachments for a indicator. Someone clamped it in the arm clamp of the surface gauge for some purpose we will probably never know

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