1. I don’t see a problem with derating the kids, just depends on the rolls.

  2. All I carry around with me no matter what is kleins, 4 in 1 fast back Milwaukee utility knife, 16’ tape measurer, no dog level with a ink stick and pencil.

  3. Thanks all! Price was 645 out the door at Home Depot. Didn’t get tool box went with bag.

  4. Yeah you don’t need a toolbox. Seems a bit over the top if you ask me. The tool list is definitely required but I just make sure when I’m on the clock I have with me what I consider the bare minimum.

  5. I think this is what I'm going to do. I scored high in the ASVAB so I think he may want to steer me to another rate or something. Honestly though, nothing else really appeals to me. I just hate that I keep hearing that sea bees are dying as a rate and that it most likely wont be available.

  6. Yeah that’s what they always do. I scored a 74 and they wanted me to do AECF. I said fuck that, I’m gonna be a CE.

  7. She’ll throw a fit if one or two guys check her out in the gym but films herself for millions of whoever will watch these angles.

  8. Ive heard great things about Ariat. Modustrial Maker on YT talks about them in every other video

  9. I have an ariat composite square toe. No need to fuck with laces. Can tuck pants into the boot on muddy jobs. Fits great.

  10. If someone in your chain of command calls you, let it ring and go to voicemail. Call back about 15 minutes later and ask them what’s up. Typically they find someone else during that time period.

  11. A lot of dedication to Delta and many miles in the air…

  12. Honestly if they relaunched Classic WoW I’d run back to it with open arms.

  13. I just started a character on classic era and it feels like fresh with how many people are leveling. Yeah, there's some 60s but feels like they're the minority.

  14. Personally I should have spent the money and copied my 60 undead priest in full T2 with Naxx off pieces but I thought what the hell, I’m going to TBC and never going back. Here I am today, not playing anything but if I still had my 60 priest I’d totally log on a few times a week and just raid for the feels.

  15. Let's get druid horn of winter, they really lack on the Lana cheat department

  16. Let’s not forget people roping turn after turn and when you concede because of said ropers, they emote thank you.

  17. Yes, shard is op, what else is new? Honestly Shard could cost 3 mana and people would still play it.

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