Thriller in GTA Online

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  1. I always go to the closest mod shop, which is normally LS Customs near Rockford Hills

  2. This was my go to shop for YEARS. I still find myself just reflexively turning in there with a new ride

  3. Which is frankly ridiculous considering the 'show me your b-hole' /'I will throw a dildo in your face' NPC chat.

  4. The separation comes from its rockstar’s content, but it’s Microsoft’s profanity filter on the input method. Still dumb, but there’s your reasoning.

  5. Why is it that your contacts are all alphabetical but a non-contactable "KDJ" is underneath "Sessanta"?

  6. I would pay real money for a DLC that would let me murder Sessanta.

  7. Murder Lazlow too. And Gerald. And Moodyman. And Dr Dre (who the fuck cares if he's at the record studio?).

  8. Lazlow makes me so sad in GTAO. He was a legend in every other GTA and they make him a sniveling lackey in this one

  9. I loved Neverwinter until strongholds made it feel like a job

  10. The guy said his friend died and you're gonna say F? Show some respect.

  11. Oh no judgement on the cut, just not sure on the math at that percentage lol

  12. Not lookin to get trolled here, but how to do get enough secondary loot to justify splitting the value of ANY primary loot? I just need to understand the math…

  13. I was coming with the WoW comment and you just jump straight to Runescape 😂

  14. For sure. A few things I learned through trial and error is you have to expect loss and plan to mitigate it. Dont take risk with stuff you cant replace. Most of the best stuff in the game is craftable and to farm a surplus of the things you cant. One thing you really have to watch for, especially on pve, is other players trolling your build zone with foundation spam. Somebody can completely ruin a 100 hour build with a few ugly bricks if your not careful.

  15. Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers if you want to give your Thralls agility weapons.

  16. My 62 str lian slaps harder than any beserker I have

  17. Find that kind of suspect considering his melee multiplier is almost 20% lower than a berserkers.

  18. I’ve just had terrible luck rolling beserkers, and Lian is too darn convenient spawning about 3 screens from my base

  19. Any mall worth its salt puts a Dick’s Sporting goods right beside this….

  20. If it was crafting last night, then it’s probably done. Pick it up and see if it goes into your inventory…

  21. I'm fine with this, I have more gold than I know what to do with, thanks little gold vein rocknose farm lol.

  22. Which is precisely why this idea wouldn’t work. There would be no sustainable currencies that couldn’t just be mass farmed and therefore any economy on the game instantly ruined…

  23. But then they go back to their last guarding spot. I was curious if there was a more permanent way to place them. I don't know how much of a pain it would be to do but I'm thinking you could do it like how you vault drop in Ark. Do a temporary ceiling two spaces above where you want the thrall, place thrall on ceiling, then remove the ceiling.

  24. Place thrall #1 in guarding where you want him, then have him follow you. Place thrall #2 right beside where thrall #1 WAS guarding. Have thrall #1 unfollow. Log out and back in and both of them will be on guarding standing right beside each other.

  25. Except for that beastly 80-15-5 rng for the rocknoses 😂

  26. Just feed it gold dust and it is just 80 20 , and it o my takes 45 minutes to hatch on an armoured pen

  27. Nah I meant after you get the rock nose. The rng for if it makes gold vs stone or iron

  28. No you want to start with iceland as it is a strategic position, because the nato will fire back but the’ve got to go with a boat or aircraft so you can shoot them down from land,

  29. No you spent too much time typing it because as soon as you fire the first nuke it’s game over. Mutually Assured Destruction for all.

  30. And yes it is true. The armor is the highest armor value I can craft for him right now. It’s epic armor and it’s armor value is 1014. I learned the feat before I knew what bonus it gave. Crafted it and learned it was acc. I know it’s not ideal but it gives more armor value than what I wear witch is epic Cimmerian heavy witch is only an armor value of 900.

  31. I told you twice. I was only trying to be nice Only trying to be nice Ooh, I didn't mean to turn you on

  32. Robert Palmer would be proud. Bravo sir lmao

  33. This thing spawned on a purge last night, opened up with his spinny rampage attack and knocked me down to watch helplessly as it murdered its way through the dozen thralls I had in the area before I could get up, and then continue spinning my pets to death and then me.

  34. This is the story of my very first purge ever. I mowed through all of the small rocknoses and was thinking “hey this is easy!” Then this guy popped up and I’m all 😳. He destroyed half my T3 base before finally despawning.

  35. I am sad that I’m old enough to get this reference 😂

  36. Warning, long but detailed answer.

  37. Worth mentioning that you have to hold the LT on Xbox to “charge” the dash before hitting RB to execute it.

  38. Duh? This game has what, two weapons with a charge attack? Neither of them you’d know about without some research because it isn’t like they are abundant or the game advertises them. Even the TLDR answer says above “instant special attack” which goes against the idea of charged now doesn’t it? Try some positivity and keep demeaning comments out of the community please.

  39. Now, always leave food on his inventory, so he will heal when he gets beaten.

  40. Is it worth mentioning that normal tamed rhinos are mounts and therefore do not attack? If it has a saddle slot, it isn’t a battle companion. Learned that the hard way when my entire rhino collected got owned in my first purge

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