1. A gas leaf blower puts out in a few hours more greenhouse emissions than a new ish F150 if you drove it from Texas to Alaska and back. Little engines with no pollution controls are friggin awful. It makes things like motorcycles somewhat harder to justify. They put out less emissions than a car, but per amount of fuel burned it's much worse.

  2. Awesome. I'll continue to run all my 2 stroke lawn equipment at full throttle on every use then.

  3. Ordered at the end of March. Dealership says it will be ready 10/2

  4. Same here...ordered end of March and delivered beginning of Sept.

  5. Do you happen to have a picture of the end result? Just saw the one on carid.com and im tempted to buy it but want to make sure if fits well.

  6. The used car market is in the middle of correction now. The VB limited I purchased at 38k was only able to bring 36k used, with 2700 miles and 0 flaws. Hell Carmax only offered me 32k. I laughed at them and threw the offer in the trash on the way out.

  7. He likes to present himself as a fake Mexican when in fact he is as Caucasian as it comes. Thst is what the sign is referring to.

  8. Native Texans are fed up with the liberals moving to this state....wanting to enact the same BS they left their home states for. It's a cancer and needs to be removed. If you don't like Texas leave. Our infrastructure thanks you for it.

  9. Based on comments received and not being posted or removed, the tolerant left at work in this subreddit. Very pathetic....

  10. Call the ford performance tech line. Press 1. Give them the last 8 numbers on your vin. They will tell you exactly where the car is at.

  11. I waited for 6 months for my Mach 1 to be produced and delivered. If it's already in production then you are fortunate. Based on my exp you are <1 month our for delivery. FWIW Ford production updates are very inaccurate.

  12. I bought at sticker price. Have a great family friend in the business who took care of me.

  13. Fantastic spec, fantastic color combination and paying sticker price. You win at life.

  14. Thank you! Nothing worth having in life comes easy. Hard work pays off.

  15. Its a way for off duty officers to make extra pay. Stop with the assumptions and virtue signaling.

  16. Nope. The fake Mexican, bought and paid for by Soros, who will do and say anything for a vote. 0 integrity.

  17. Your virtue signaling promotion is low for the day...you must redeem yourself.

  18. Those are facts. I wasn't a virtuous person most of my life. No doubts about that.

  19. pfffft....and you post with e30 and ~20PSI you are seeing way lean AFR's. Which is it? Looks like Berger is willing to adjust your MAF for it:

  20. Map 0 runs perfect, but with all the extra boost it needed a little bit of dialing in. Terry was quick to help did 2 data logs corrected. Wasn't a big deal honestly that's the point of this tuner. Right now I'm making adjustments to take on even more boost.

  21. You are taking one for the team and I know the community appreciates it. My biggest concern is making sure that all the data is posted when you do share your results. I.E. boost, fuel used, hardware changes, etc. Many get confused and then start bashing this or that unwarranted.

  22. he made a new video with stock tune, and its a lot safer that with the tune and he also uses e85 i think, some other guy commented that a shop tested it with 93 and they said it was good and that probably a lot of ethanol made it unsafe

  23. Still way too lean for a boosted engine. That is unsafe on a non-boosted engine.

  24. Can't run a full e85 mix with JB4. e30 mix tops. If he is then that is why afrs are higher as the more ethanol used, the more fuel is needed. I would discount his results if that is the case.

  25. His own comment says e85 but then he said e30 in a comment to me so I was just going off his original comment

  26. Ack. His perception and results are invalid then. e30 will read higher afr vs 93e10 mix.

  27. That isn't much. When I was racing late model Mustangs 10k on a factory stock long block and trans was pretty standard. Light weight parts are expensive.

  28. Remove carbon filter in the airbox lid and a k&n drop in will work well. It's what I use and it was noticeable over the stock paper filter with post carbon filter in place.

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