1. Love seeing Showdown get some love! You're very brave for having Boom Boom at #1 and posting it publicly though - no hate, but you'll definitely get pushback for that even though it's a bop!

  2. But also, bonus tracks I don’t believe I’ve listened to all but honestly, if ‘the answer’ was officially on the album, it’d be number 1. Which is a lot for me to say as I adore boom boom

  3. Feel free to shoot me a message! I basically micromanage my life through ToDoist and it helps with my scatterbrained ADHD tendancies.

  4. How quickly does it load on desktop/web? Hoping they at least frontload recently completed with no loading spinner until 'see more' click or something.

  5. Took about five seconds to load my Completed for the day. Clicking "Load more history" afterwards (basically goes back every day) was much quicker.

  6. I was today years old when I learned blackbear wrote Boyfriend by Bieber. I never would have seen it coming but when I think about it it makes so much sense

  7. Mike Posner and blackbear have collaborated a fair bit, they have an album together as a duo from a couple of years ago under the name Mansionz.

  8. and now I get to say that I was today years old when I learned Mike Posner and blackbear are frequent collaborators.

  9. I just know this is gonna cause so much annoying discourse for the next few days

  10. wow! what a captivating read I was so hooked the entire time, and the article wasn't too long either. Is there a way to subscribe so I see the next article this guy posts?

  11. I don't know about subscribing to reminders, but new entries are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  12. Labels were doing this pre streaming, like an album I was looking forward to as a kid only exists as a 4 track teaser that was sent to a few reviewers and kept being "delayed".

  13. Monica and Mya also had scrapped albums back in the early 2000s. I'm sure there are tons

  14. I finally got to hear it so I just have this to say… I’m almost 30 years old. I grew up idolizing Britney. I literally wanted to be a singer when I grew up because of her (obviously that didn’t happen to me though lol) but I played so many imaginary concerts in my backyard as a child pretending I was her. So the fact this is all happened to her at age 25, still breaks my heart because at 25 I was pregnant with my son and had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t honestly, but I’m trying. So imagine being a world famous superstar, then on top of all that comes the ridiculous bullsh*t her family put her through. I could never imagine, but at the same time I related to it very, very much in different aspects. She did not deserve none of this. I grew up with a very same background as far as having a controlling father and feeling restricted from doing anything or going anywhere. My father was emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically abusive. It was always his way or the highway and he manipulated everyone and everything around him, so the very moment I got the chance - I went all out and did whatever I wanted and my family tried to say I was absolutely crazy and placed blame and blame upon me. I also had a stints in the hospital myself, a failed marriage/divorce at the age of 19 and felt constant pressure to do things I didn’t want to do that I felt like were not right. I had my own vehicles taken from me, I was kept inside my house, it was like confusing for me because I didn’t understand what I did to deserve any of this.. so I relate to so much of it just like Britney did. So that’s why I always loved Britney Spears even more than I did when I was a little girl, because I felt for her.. I felt how it is to feel so damn alone because your family has ripped you to pieces. I’m so sad. This shit really causes so much PTSD that nothing in this world, even the weight of everyone giving her all the love can make her feel better inside, but all we can do is keep trying because at least she does have true fans and supporters that love her. At the end where she said what she said about someone needing to hear this if they’re a weird, introvert, oddball, I felt that in my soul because I can relate to that ❤️ I don’t blame her for putting it on private because that is a lot and it is heavy to take in, but I’m glad she did share it.

  15. First of all, I hope you are doing well nowadays! You seem like an absolutely lovely person.

  16. Vaping is definitely less gross and certainly less intrusive to other people, but I’m not sure it’s actually all that effective as a quitting mechanism, and jury’s still out about health impacts versus cigs, as far as I know, so…

  17. And it still isn't fair that Will Smith faced immediate consequences, had several notable personalities drag his name through the mud, become a laughing stock and have himself and his family insulted beyond belief, while offering apology after apology in quick succession (for a deplorable action nonetheless), while Ezra has allegedly commited multiple crimes, made nationwide headlines, allegedly endangered several lives, yet is facing no industry backlash or scrutiny and seems to be getting off with a slap on the wrist after months of silence.

  18. The original “And Then We Kiss” by Britney Spears. I love the remix too, but the original is also such a good song

  19. In The Zone has so many great unreleased tracks - Rockstar, Guilty, Look Who's Talking Now, Strangest Love, Sippin' On, Instant Deja Vu, Pleasure You, Welcome to Me....even the unfinished leaks like Conscience could've been great.

  20. Gotta wonder why Tulsi is still on the Sanders Institute Board of Directors if she’s hosting Tucker tonight…

  21. Now we just need Britney to announce it as well!

  22. Man, I remember when people were clowning on that trailer but I think it's brilliant

  23. Wow that last song she sang at the end of the show was so good!

  24. Britney's Womanizer. It's going to be interesting to read what he writes about her perceived prime post-BOMT and pre-Circus, which was absent of #1s in the US but which made her one of the biggest stars in the world.

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