My roommate cooks frozen pizzas without taking them off the cardboard. He says that's the proper way to cook them and I'm weird because I don't.

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  1. It's not just about setting play time but also setting the environment. Stop doing any tricks or play time at home only outside / on walks, remove all toys except maybe something to chew on to comfort. Inside calm, outside play. I must say though with 7 months it's pretty normal for a dog to have a high energy level and be excessively playful is pretty normal, things may get even worse when your dog goes through full adolescence around a year, the early you control what is going on, don't trust the dog to make decisions on it's own, it often makes things more complicated.

  2. That’s a great idea that I hadn’t actually thought of, thanks for the response and I’ll definitely give that a go.

  3. Chase car was trying to go through a door that was locked, bolted and welded shut

  4. When your drift is coming up a bit short, hold the handbrake and throttle, this will extend your drift slightly at the cost of a bit of speed so holding the throttle while hand braking will essentially give you a clutch kick and get the wheels spinning again when you release, otherwise if you handbrake without holding the throttle 9 times out of 10 the cars revs will be too low to break the traction

  5. I posted this same thing here a few weeks back and got 6 upvotes, why you gotta do me like that forza community

  6. I honestly thought it was a glitch that’s why I posted it

  7. I thought the exact same thing, makes for a hell of a downforce build though

  8. One of the bodykits comes with the chassis mounted wing and the game also lets you put on a second wing

  9. Yeah I’m not gonna be toxic and force my problems upon others, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of it so I can either try and force Playground to fix it or to try and fix my game so I can enjoy it because I’ve genuinely been waiting to play for so long, maybe I’ll give it a try on steam and if the problem is the same I’ll get a refund

  10. I managed to get the game looking good in the end, I’ve got MSAA X8, FXAA on environment textures and the other thing underneath it at extreme and turn off the quality/performance preset.

  11. I would disconnect one fan at a time and see which one is the problem, but it sounds a lot more like a pump issue rather than a fan issue, also thats a nice fucking PC cheers brother

  12. Yeah I’ve narrowed it down and it’s the CPU cooler pump, I think it’s possibly the bearings as it’s still pumping water at the moment as my temps are still okay, I’ve got an NZXT Kraken on order from Amazon just to be safe. And thanks bro!

  13. It’s definitely the radiator but it’s not as bad as you think. The orientation is just wrong with the tubes at the top. Try flipping it and that should help. Gamers nexus has a whole video on this

  14. As a follow up, unplugged my CPU Cooler and turned the PC on, no noise, plugged it back in and then turned the PC on, the cooler sucked in some water and stayed silent for about 30 seconds and then the noise came back, I’m assuming the pump is toast, I’ve been meaning to switch to an NZXT Kraken for a while anyway.

  15. I have sound in the menu's when I 1st start the game. But once on the map, I loose and have to restart to get it back.

  16. Such a buggy release, the more I play the more I notice how much of a crappy port this game is

  17. I thought you just throw the whole box in the oven straight from the freezer

  18. You don’t enjoy tarkov as a new player or after 2,000 hours and 3 wipes, it’s eternal pain, I’m definitely not talking from experience.

  19. I was screaming when you didn’t put any helmets in the guys rig that has 2 2x2 slots 😂 well played though

  20. I have that exact same wallpaper, it’s awesome!

  21. It’s easily the best wallpaper I’ve managed to find on the engine

  22. Razer Vortex on Wallpaper Engine

  23. You better hope their refund policy isn’t the same as their game refund policy 🤣

  24. you can lower discord over the windows sound mixer. or i don't get you right?

  25. Yeah I suppose that’s faster than individually lowering people in discord, but what I mean is my razer nari and Arctic pro wireless have controls on the headset to lower/raise game and chat so you can get the perfect balance Of volume, but on this headset it seems you can only raise and lower the game volume and there’s no ability to alter voice chat through controls on the headset itself

  26. Not many headsets have a voice mixer like the Arctic Pro honestly. So basically the answer is no you can not do it from the headset, you have to do it with Windows or Discord.

  27. I’ve owned Astro A50’s, Arctic pro’s and razer nari ultimates and all 3 have had a way to alter voice volume, i just kind of expected a £170 headset to have that ability, but thanks for clearing it up, was kind of losing my mind trying to figure out how to do it.

  28. Probably a silly question but does the TE have a metal faceplate? I just got the full huntsman and was kinda bummed it was all plastic for $250.

  29. The TE also has a plastic faceplate, I only paid around £110 for it though, a plastic faceplate on a $250 keyboard is pretty ridiculous though.

  30. Holy shit, that looks awesome! I don't normally like pudding keycaps, but combining them with regular ones like that is a fantastic idea and it works super well!

  31. Definitely gpu prices and availability

  32. Great and clean setup, but just a quick question, why are more and more people running laptops instead of a pc rig all of a sudden?

  33. But why do you have 2 pairs of headphones and 2 keyboards. But only one monitor? 🤔

  34. If were to waste money on a super car. I think that would be it.

  35. I think the bigger waste on money is buying a wheel to play the crew 2.

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