1. I did immunity to itself, because then it gives you a really big reason to run one on a team as an ice switch-in.

  2. If anything I feel like that muddies the concept of the ice type a bit and almost could hurt it. Like ice is a very good offensive type, it just struggles with being absolutely useless defensively. Making it immune to itself still doesn't really fix it's defensive profile at all, like an immunity is always nice, but it still has a very limited defensive profile, and If you are switching into another ice type you stab won't even work on it, and if it's a coverage ice type move you probably get blasted by its actual stab since ice is so bad defensively otherwise. Also still being stealth Rock weak does not help. Ice type seems to be meant to be a glass cannon, but as a defensive type it's just often too much glass to be worth the cannon. (It's also why ice is such a common coverage move and things like bolt beam coverage being considered the gold standard for a bunch of the earlier gens)

  3. Oh yeah Zato fucked Faust up mentally because he wouldn't join him in his weird ass, morally wrong experiments

  4. I thought it was actually that Faust was about to discover the secret to revival and the conclave was very against that happening so they hired the assassin's guild to murder the patient and pin it on Faust.

  5. Don't invite the wrath of the birds. Also there are a lot of raven mains I'm the EC of NA.

  6. one of the worst mechanics to ever be implemented in a fighting game only surpassed by tripping and pandora

  7. Like danger time is an objectively bad mechanic, but God is it funny. Also mortal counters are so fun to play around with, if they found a way to implement them that was actually balanced it would be so cool.

  8. It's not like deejay having one motion input makes him not a charge character, and if anything it helps him out because a big issue of his was that he couldn't do much damage without charge in sf4 so giving him a reliable confirming option on a motion input is nice

  9. So? Mario sports games are even more different from smash yet people still find ways to come up with waluigi movesets. If anything having another game you can use to base movesets on would just make it easier. In fact in MvC there are 2 different versions of Jill with completely different moves and they could draw from both of them if they wanted.

  10. It doesn’t matter how cool a character is if the moveset is shit. That just results in them either becoming forgotten or hated.

  11. She definitely has moveset potential, she's been in at least 2 different MVC games so they could draw inspiration from those. And also she has some interesting in game stuff you can pull from. Especially if you use RE5 or 6 Jill as a base

  12. Aren't all unblockables immue to guard point moves?

  13. I believe so, but in xrd only baiken actually has a guard point move either her command dash and it doesn't work on lows, so Johnny can just do meaty 2s into mist to bait that. Baiken has other responses such as her parries but it's still not s good situation to be in.

  14. Understand the difference between a fairy and a faerie.

  15. Considering they also included a yokai as a fairy type it's safe to assume that fairy is more in line with fae or even just generally spirits.

  16. I mean, to be fair, two of the non-dark types you presented as examples are ghost types, which already fit the bill for spooky and often times evil type.

  17. Also as for the third one, fae in European culture are usually at least somewhat malicious and will often just kill or maim you if you don't act in a way they like. And hatterene is further a representation of a witch, which is a generally somewhat malicious magic user hence why it has such dark Pokedex entries.

  18. My favorite GG is getting rollback but my pc can't run it even with potato mod ;(

  19. It's unfortunatepy because the PS4 has cross play with the PS3 version and apparently that makes it harder to implement rollback somehow

  20. That sounds like a lazy excuse. They could just shut down the crossplay feature. If bbtag can do it I don't see why it can't work for bbcf or xrd

  21. Bbtag never had PS3 cross play. Also I guess they also don't want to alienate the PS3 users of they add rollback to PS4 but not the ps3 version. I'm no technical expert tho so if someone could explain it better than me or maybe even prove me wrong that would be appreciated.

  22. Because for a while the stand was fully in control because it's user had died. And a lot of people started with the game where this happened so they still call him Eddie even though zato got revived

  23. So literally what they are named in each game because why call them anything else? I'm not sure I understand OP's question.

  24. Some people will just refer to them as one for all games. I know a lot of people that still call them zato in XX and other that call them Eddie even if referring to xrd or strive.

  25. It's probably either xrd may, +r robo ky, or +r A.B.A.

  26. Kind of, you can also employ certain techniques which can help you block certain things without reacting. Such as fuzzy blocking. (Blocking low then high with a timing where it they do they low you block low and if they do the overhead you block high). But as others have said, it mostly comes down to experience and it's okay to guess wrong or miss reactions, it's all a part of the journey

  27. That would be sin2/cos kiske I believe. I think you mistook them for tan kiske / sin kiske.

  28. Yeah, my mistake. Sin Kiske would be Tan Kiske * Cos Kiske and I swapped them without inverting the tan. It should actually be Sin Kiske / Tan Kiske though.

  29. Right, we both got it wrong. Good catch

  30. Technically, Lucifero isn't a part of her, he's Valentine's familiar that decided to stay with Ram after Valentine gets killed

  31. Jack O's minions and testaments succubi aren't a part of them either tho. And arguably zato shouldn't count either by that logic since Eddie is techincally a seperate entity from zato who is just possessing his shadow and not actually a part of him.

  32. I mean, damage multiplayer * health pool = different effective health for every character. It wouldn't be any different, except maybe for some Guts calculations idk

  33. That's honestly my running theory, having everyone at a consistent health pool makes keeping track of guts tiers easier since the threshold values are the same for everyone, some just make it there faster.

  34. I don't necessarily think there is an exact reason for it. But everyone having 420 health is a holdover from GGML where each healthbar had 420 pixels so they could easily represent health by giving everyone 420. It also makes tracking guts tiers easier from a coding perspective probably since the threshold health values will be the same for every character (ie in xrd guts always starts kicking in below 210 hp, but if you made it so health values were different between the cast this wouldn't hold true).

  35. It's not necessarily that you don't take advice from other peoples lists, but his entire message is trying to get people to conform to a stereotypical "ideal" man instead of thinking for yourself and choosing to do what you value and enjoy.

  36. I'm not trying to argue against the irony, but I think the assertstion that it's ironic because it's telling you not to conform which means you don't listen to lists wasn't the best description.

  37. My understanding of Xrd is that it's similar to DBFZ and BBCF how generous they are to the defender teching with i-frames, and due to the startup on command grabs, I can confirm that those are the only tech traps I've ever seen in DBFZ, and even those are rare. If someone gets an invalid combo in DBFZ, it's because the defender simply forgot to hold a button, since they figured their opponent would finish the combo. I'm a bit rusty on my MK mechanics, and it may be similar to Strive, but I know gravity scaling in GGS only kicks in once you start repeating moves in a combo, so you're still free to improvise to a certain extent, and you just keep track of which moves you've used already. Skullgirls has rules in place to ensure that you always have some way out of a reset, (which, let's be real, is an objectively good thing) so like you said, you wouldn't want air command grabs in that game.

  38. You are kind of right, but tech traps do still exist in xrd, while tech buttons are verys Tring because they retain some invuln, they aren't throw invuln, and most good tech buttons will lose to disjoints. A common non grab tech trap in xrd is done by may. may will do HS horizontal dolphin when close to the corner which wallsticks, but if you aren't right in the corner not long enough for a combo. So may can run up and try to time a 2H which is big and disjointed and will catch most of their tech options off the wall giving you a fat combo. And yeah, not everyone has these and it can be admittedly very annoying if you don't know how to deal with it.

  39. From my perspective, hitstun decay just incentivizes going for a hard knockdown more or less as quickly as possible, because if you didn't lab that exact conversion beforehand, whatever you try to come up with will probably drop. So you see a lot more of the same combos from the same starters, and it turns the game into more of a knowledge check.

  40. I guess it can be like that. Generally characters will have that one combo that basically always works even off scaled hits so when in doubt you can just go for that. So that's probably why confirms often look so similar.

  41. You don't even need a full charge to kill someone with hydra, plus they have autobombs and revived teamates cause remember you're in their turf while you uh, pester them or something.

  42. You don't, but your kill time goes from a 3 to a 4 shot and it takes a while to get back up to your max range. So if you keep pestering the Hydra with bombs it really does become much harder to lock down a zone.

  43. It's not like absolutely everything is a music reference to be fair, zato is a reference to a blind swords man named zatoichi. So it's possible there is no real reference behind his name.

  44. Eddie is probably named after Iron Maiden's mascot so there's that

  45. That's true, and zato has other music references in some of his move names. Like break the law might be a reference to the song breaking the law by Judas Priest.

  46. It's a funny story kinda why it's called a meaty. Originally meaty didn't even mean to hit someone on the first frame of their wakeup, it just referred to hitting any attack later in its active frames (with it being called meaty because you are hitting it deep into the "meat" of the active frames I guess)

  47. Oki is probably the most common form of meaties, but the definition of meaty itself is hitting an opponent with later active frames to gain a higher frame advantage. Oki is just hitting your opponent on the first frame they’re active so they can’t do anything but block.

  48. Oki doesn't even need to actually hit the opponent on their first active frame, technically it's just any form of pressure. So something like a shimmy would still be oki despite you not actually hitting the opponent

  49. Yea, toxic mist is the worst sub and big bubbler doesn't exactly fit the weapon atleast for me, + it looks way worse, the toy-like nature and appearance of the weapon is good but this just kinda throws it away

  50. They are trying to recreate splat 1 zimi but balanced. Also toxic mist is still decent as a support tool even if a little underwhelming. Angle shooter is still the worst because it's super precise for low reward. And the weapons that can afford to have a sub that doesn't do damage and marks people would usually prefer point sensor. Because it is easier to actually mark people with.

  51. If anything they are dizzys siblings. That would make them sins aunts.

  52. Aren't the valentines clones of aria, actually making them more along the lines of dizzy's aunts

  53. Jack-O is way more complex now than she was, so is Zato (beyond negative edge he can cancel eddie movies into other eddie moves which has many uses) Nago is not a watered down Sin, it´s completely different for his meter to go back down with attacks and a command grab, the only point in common is being able to cancel special moves into special moves. Happy Chaos is quite complex. In general none of the STRIVE characters are less complex, they have less moves (some of them) but the moves they have now are way more versative than in previous games, there´s tons of nuance to say, chosing which behemoth typhoon to use etc.

  54. Take one look at may hoop in xrd and tell me how ball is way more versatile than it. But I do agree with the general sentiment of this post.

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