1. All posts must be related to TELUGU movies. This includes any movie that is being produced in the states of AP/TS and are filmed in the language of Telugu. Pan-Indian films are the exception.

  2. I might be wrong but Pooja being signed on was reported during preproduction.

  3. I’m a tasteless fool so no thanks to the carnatic domination

  4. Vandalism chesindhe kaakunda inka dhaanni flex cheydam Okati 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Intha reaching Tantalus kuda chesindadu

  6. Na honest opinion. People may feel this is stupid reason but i found narziya face very irritating through out the promos that held me back from watch the movie.

  7. lmao low key same. Couldn’t take her seriously in the movie, she looked like a kid.

  8. Yeah it was pretty similar to a lot of 2000s Allari Naresh movies but a dose higher in stupidity

  9. idk man it’s def more believable than dongala bandi and seema satry.

  10. idk but i would’ve taken her more seriously over naz tho

  11. ante songs being good is a reach. Promo thappa antha scrap ey

  12. daani vaalu adhe better ani leputharu.

  13. Neeku pelli kaleda oscerte anna 😯. Nenu inka Demon Slayer lo Tengen laga wife collection undi anukunna.

  14. Ila antaru konni rojulu ayyaka ask bondha lo pilladu puttadu ey diaper vadali ani questions estharu

  15. Anna naakinka time undiley nuvvu frantic worm mathram adhe panilo unnaru ga

  16. But but but this is gora validation vro /s

  17. Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t connect with Nani and Nazriya. Didn’t feel like they were actually in love, but rather just friends who are pretending to be in love

  18. bokkale..next most exciting telugu film is oke okka jeevitham

  19. just miss relatives house lo open chese vaadini

  20. Kurnool lo watching, first Srirama anukunna but ma mama anand li tisadu. So we’ll watch there, not mad since srirama is a dabba screen.

  21. Kurnool lo watching, first Srirama anukunna but ma mama anand li tisadu. So we’ll watch there, not mad since srirama is a dabba screen.

  22. But but how can you say this about one of the best movies ever made. Don't you know how to watch movies nooob. /s

  23. Upvoting every downvoting comment.

  24. Bruh people will believe it for real chill

  25. Spoiler : when Pandu says it's pokirin time the whole theatre exploded

  26. Omg loved the part when the fetish dude started dancing like this

  27. Gud bro, bolly gallu tho yuddham chesi padukoni lecha

  28. lavangam 69 title ki justification chesnav bro

  29. also you abused first dickhead idk why you’re blaming it on me

  30. Uh not really the thing that triggered me was the condescending attitude you talked about south indian movies.

  31. Bollywood needs to cater a diverse audience. Punjabis, Bombay,Bengalis, marathis etc. They have to appeal to everyone. so they pick more broader difficult themes.

  32. That argument doesn’t work when a telugu flavor film like pushpa became such a monster hit.

  33. Bollywood still has some good content directors who do a fab job like anurag kashyap , sriram Raghavan , kanu Behl , many web shows directors , we can't ignore them because of shit "karan joker" produces and promotes aggressively .

  34. Kashyap is overrated bro, other than Gangs of Wasseypur i don’t think he’s made notable films.

  35. No racist, sexist, vitriolic, or overly crude posts or comments allowed.

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