AITA for trying to restrict the number of children’s baths??

*Lowers face into palm*

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Nothing compares 2 u, by Sinéad O'Connor, better then the original by Prince.

  2. A little overreaction from smiling and laughing... damn, in my day, that girl liked him and he probably could have gotten laid, instead, he kicks the crap out of her?

  3. YTA!! Anyone that would humiliate my mom like that would get his dues. Yet you do it to your own mother all by yourself? Seriously disturbing.

  4. That guy was like 'heyhey dont damage my goods!'

  5. I'm imagining this financial control issue will continue.

  6. My ex was like this with kids clothes and shoes. Why are you spending so much? Well because I want them to last until they’re outgrown not until they fall apart. That’s why. Less replacements equal less cost. He couldn’t see that though, just that his beer money was getting spent.

  7. When she lost her shoe I feared she would seizure !

  8. Who's the usual suspects? Hoping g you're not talking about race because there's thousands of videos showing other races doing the same type of things and even worse. So hopefully you're not referring to race

  9. I think he referred to hood rats. In this case, as you can see, lowclass trash pistol whipping a woman.

  10. I hate that they pulled Chris off.. that shouldn’t have been a one on one fight. Dude slaps this woman’s ass. Refuses to apologize. Ready to fight. If someone slaps my boy’s girls ass, I’m not letting my boy fight alone. We’re jumping him.

  11. Definately man! That guy deserved to be stomped out

  12. That ass... and she even joins her man, what a keeper!

  13. WTF is wrong with you guys? “She deserved it. That looked satisfying “ gross. Cause walking away is So hard to do right? Y’all make me sick What if it was your mom or daughter or sister?!

  14. My daughter or sister or mum wouldnt act like that.

  15. Disclaimer waste of time, no partypeople were injured during the making of this video...

  16. You're not looking for a martial art but for self defense training. Keep a few things in mind when choosing:

  17. Krav is a horrible option... it just gives a false conception of self confidence.

  18. You mainly demonstrate not knowing what it is. But by all means keep your delusions.

  19. Really? Ive seen all kind of masters go down.. against 14 year old kids even.

  20. I think it shouldve been stopped after that first part. But nice finish regardless!

  21. Just block, counter with an inside lowkick, and then slide backwards hhh

  22. Everyone who did this should get banned or suspended. Or fired from a cannon into something sharp I’m not picky.

  23. Yeah exactly, to even get this screenshot you have to be thinking along a similar mindset as the people who listed him on the market. This didn’t even cross my mind until I saw this post.

  24. Op is prolly sad that he missed them profits...

  25. Where’s that thread where half of this sub thought a 43 year old 220lb untrained Jason mamoa would steamroll a 190lb purple belt with wrestling experience.

  26. I mean, Aquaman uses his trident and its all over for mr purplebelt

  27. She shouldve dumbelled this mongrel bastards face in.

  28. You can always tell people who have never been in a serious fight. The look around, posture shift, now balled fists, the telegraph before the left missile took off.

  29. Aight, you wouldve kneecapped him in the situation?!

  30. Doesn’t matter haha the guy has a weapon. He was just confusing the dude and blasted him. Somebody tells me I’m gonna lose a knee cap is gonna really lose a knee cap from me and my smith and Wesson

  31. Look here, a true bitch ass ... needs his smith and wesson because his hands cant keep up! 🤣

  32. literally saw this video a few days ago on this same sub and the caption was that it's a guy getting revenge for his sister because she was raped by that person, now it's a bouncer huh? wonder what it'll be next week

  33. The true story is 'business dispute'

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