1. I do have a baby snow white, it's very white and has no spots.

  2. This is albino, snowwhite is as you say..m white. No dots, no nothing, and above all, snow whites have clear eyes

  3. That is fucking mahoooooosive

  4. ShrimpZilllaa, tbh I had no clue what it was / how to take care of it, but it manages itself perfectly!

  5. Im in the Netherlands, have a few, come and get them!

  6. Oeff, sadly mate, free for pick up, need to get rid of some tanks sadly!

  7. Thats the price of a snowwhite longifn adult male, damnnnn

  8. Looks like a juvenile female. Around 8 months old I would say

  9. They love sand! Lots of driftwoods and caves will also do the trick ;)

  10. Looks like a snowwhite, could indeed be the lighting, so maybe a yellow one. Definately not albino! (Look at the eyes!)

  11. The water quality looks really bad, I would recommend a 50-70 percent water change daily until it isn’t cloudy anymore. Definitely do your research into the right products if you are serious about maintaining the fish tank. There are tons of online resources. Do you have a testing kit for your water parameters? Could you post the readings here?

  12. Heyhey, thanks for the reply! This is my 5th tank, and yes this tank was poorly maintained, just picked it up today. And worried about this corydora, since I dont know a lot about them.

  13. 5 gallon? Put some snails! 10 gallons, maybe 1 betta, and some snails if he's friendly.

  14. Common BN, a green dragon is unmistakenly a Green Dragon!

  15. The L183 is a smaller sized BN! And absolutely stunning.

  16. Holy, relieve that pleco from its agony!!

  17. Definately not a green dragon, looks a common bn!

  18. My non carnivore plecos generally eat 24x7. Zucchini or spinach. My plecos tend to hate wafers and will starve rather than eat them.

  19. Can confirm, my bn's eat 24/7, doesnt matter if its zucchini, cucumber, or algae wafers. Put food in-> few minutes later they are chomping down like ravenous plecos!

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