1. Because… sexual content, existing, anywhere, is basically the same thing as grooming

  2. You can't believe that a soldier would rape a girl? You can't believe a soldier will round up prisoners and start shooting them? You can't believe they will chase them with a flamethrower? Shit, that isn't even the wildest thing that has happened in the Israel-Palestine war.

  3. Only by popularity demand. And I would not bend to the will of the sheeple!

  4. We invented surgery, before we even started developing professional pain suppressors.

  5. Alright wtf is this comic. I see it all the time here.

  6. i wasn't referring to Power, i was just joking

  7. Don't have humans for scale, but that seems kind of bug for just 75 tons. Like, I think it should be heavier.

  8. yeah but kalluto is a kid and melody isn’t human anymore

  9. I have a different take on this, anti healing options are really bad.

  10. I love art with titles like this, just this super dramatic scene and the most conversational focus, hell yeah

  11. Yeah. I looked at this and started designing a mission.

  12. Also said that you need to buy games at full price on launch to show that you care about them.

  13. Wow, I am gonna pirate the game several hundred thousand times so he can get the message.

  14. Marine lore hasn't changed in almost 30 years. (No primaries space marines wasn't a change). I know you hate women and want them all to be inhumane monsters with all sorts of fucked up barely understood organs placed into their body that gives them different hormones, makes them infertile, and by all accounts makes them into monsters. But PLEASE keep your women-hating posts to yourself. If you can't do that, I don't think Warhammer 40k is a good fit for you.

  15. Yea but it’s dumb. Araki should have done another way so he fits more into the “he has a point and isnt overly evil” route tbh.

  16. Is that one of those biblically accurate wheel/ring angels with the eyes on them?

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