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  1. Im hoping for dlc. I was so annoyed after trying for ages to get to the giant pot boi, only to learn i cannot get past it.

  2. Pretty sure the DLC has already been announced. Whether it will have anything to do with those structures is not known.

  3. That's the one I was thinking about (Barbarians of the Badlands I mean). But yeah, it seems like it was most likely a fake.

  4. just wanted him to know that nobody cares 💀

  5. Jesus replace tuna with trimming duck and you just accurately described my shift yesterday down to a T.

  6. I trimmed duck hungover a couple times. I love duck, but the smell was so strong I wanted to die.

  7. Yes, it's very important that it's dry. I used to be a steak cook and one time I couldn't find a dry towel so figured I'd just use a wet one really quickly. Took less than a second for the heat to go through and burn me.

  8. I learned this the really hard way when I first started working line and tried to take a metal tray out of the oven with a wet cloth. Holy fuck the pain. No spilled food though!

  9. :D Season 4 episode 7 "jurassic bark" about fry's dog, the episodes last scene with that song in the background.

  10. God damnit, why did I click on it? I knew exactly what I was signing up for, but once again here I am with crippling depression as a result of that scene...

  11. Pretty sure it's an electric board that has brakes controlled by a handheld remote.

  12. Yo women’s pants pockets are terrible or non existent, my girlfriend is always complaining😂 that’s a good point though

  13. I've been hearing this for as long as I can remember. Surely there has to be women's pants that have legit pockets these days.

  14. Am I the only one who thought this was a picture of black beans and rice, with some charring on the rice?

  15. I find that version of "Lover Man" hard to listen to. This is my favorite Bird story:

  16. Getting good doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Capra. Fighting him and the two dogs in that tiny little space is just awful.

  17. I fucking hate that fight. It really does just screw with you.

  18. Fuckin A. Im like dang I married a brown person with no wings.

  19. I mean you can close the dust cover after chambering a round. I would be surprised if that were the case here, but still.

  20. I think I game just enough. With spare time for butthole trimming. Gotta keep it clean for the boys.

  21. Raw organic hemp papers are great as well

  22. These are my go-to. A bit easier to roll with than Ultimates without much taste at all.

  23. I think my dad has sorted out I’m not sure, when it comes, I’ll tell you and see what’s happened. Hopefully this is the real deal and they might be able to repair it or get us a new controller

  24. That's good to hear. I would refrain from telling them that you've dropped the controller a lot so they don't try to pin the blame on you.

  25. Well, My dads told me the same thing he reckons they will charge us as you can see in the picture, there’s a dent in the right bumper

  26. Ah I see that now. Still, those things are supposed to be sturdy. I rarely ever drop my controller and I still had my bumper stop working. Like I said though, it's a really common problem with those controllers. Don't be surprised if you encounter another problem in a year or so lol. Stick drift is also a common problem with them. If you can, make sure to renew the warranty when it's up.

  27. I totally respect you for doing this!! And if you do solve the puzzle, will you share the answer with us??

  28. Fr. I've been working on the puzzle for 24 years and still haven't found the damn corner pieces!

  29. My favorite area of the Red Dead games, especially the zombie version of Mexico

  30. Don't all modern consoles run it? I have the 360 version on my Series X.

  31. I originally started doing body piercing. Which in the state I had to take a few medical courses. We got paid more if we could do more. So I learned dermal punching, then branding. Eventually the shop owner who use to be a nurse practitioner asked me if I'd be interested in scarification. We spent a lot of time practicing before I ever brought a scalpel to a customer. To do this correctly it takes a steady hand and a gentle touch. You REALLY don't want to cut too deep when performing this, and you have to be very patient. I've seen some really bad botched scarification jobs.

  32. Looks very much like one. Was his tail amputated? That's a giveaway, unfortunately.

  33. Is there an actual reason for tail amputation, even if it's just historical and these days it is just for looks?

  34. What I always heard it prevented cattle and whatever other herd animal you have from stepping on the tail—same reason corgis get their tails stubbed. But thinking about it… border collies don’t typically have their tails docked, so maybe that’s a myth. But (and I know I’ll be eviscerated for this) I prefer the stubby tail on Aussies… it’s so iconic (hence the wigglebutt name)

  35. I can understand that. I mean I'd imagine the cut tail on Pits is for fighting reasons, so not getting trampled also sounds like a good reason for amputation. I also think Wigglebutts are cute as hell. Not that I support it, but I would also own another Pug because they're so damn cute, but adoption only.

  36. Definitely this. All I would suggest is trying to jump as high as you can off that back foot, which is easier while moving IMO. Otherwise you've got the motion.

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