Going through a really tough time right now…would love if y’all could share some silly pics of your cats 🥲💕

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  1. I may not have had the same surgery as you, but I too am in the grips of fucking insanity with the pain. I had my tonsils out on the 19th. Had emergency surgery on day 7 of recovery. Had a 2nd emergency surgery just 2 days ago. I start at ground zero every time. All due to hemorrhaging.

  2. Hey! I’m currently in the hospital as well hoping to not have to get cauterized a third time, as my tonsillectomy was also on the 19th. It sucks and it’s like if you don’t walk in with a cup full of blood they don’t take it as serious. All I know is, we WILL get thru this. Let’s chat 6 months from now!!

  3. I only bled badly one time at day 10 and then it was done. Around day 10 or later the risk of severe bleeding becomes a lot lower.

  4. Thank you!!! That's legitimately what I've been told by any person who I've talked to about it, which makes it only slightly nerve wrecking that not many people can comment on any common experience.

  5. I woke up 2 hours ago choking on blood. For 10 minutes I was shoving ice chip in my mouth while gagging up blood . Triple in volume this time. Managed to stop it. I’m now thoroughly terrified to try sleeping again

  6. How are you today? Did you manage to get everything under control on your own? I’m going through something similar!

  7. No one answered the question 😭 I’m in the same predicament and terrified of bleeding again.

  8. My surgeon told me the chances of another hemorrhage after re-cauterization are extremely low, I only had slight bleeding when the second set of scabs came off. That time it really was only slight bleeding from the scabs, like barely any blood in my spit, and I stopped it with ice water anyway because i was so freaked out but I was generally okay after the second cauterization

  9. Hey there, I’m doing better! I had another bleed about 9 days after this post and required a 4th surgery. After that procedure I was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder and was put on blood clotting medication. I finished the first round of that medication and about 3 days later I woke up to old blood in my throat (seemingly a small bleed while I was asleep) and started a second round. I finished the second round yesterday morning - which was also Day 14 of my new recovery time, and so far so good! Still a bit uncomfortable but have been able to eat more solid, regular foods and I’m in good spirits :) still remaining cautious and taking it easy but hoping it’s finally all behind me! Thanks for asking!

  10. Thank so much for the response, I’m so happy to hear you’re doing better! I can’t believe it happened again nearly a month after your initial procedure. Did they happen to test your blood prior to the procedure? (PTT levels, etc?) I was just released from the hospital today because I had post hemmoraghing on day 12 of recovery. I have to start over as well and I really underestimated what lack of human contact, activity, and food can do to you mentally for that period of time.

  11. I’m sorry to hear that! It’s the most frustrating thing in the world to be so close to what should be the end of recovery and have to start all over again. I had no pre-testing or labs done, didn’t even have a pre-op appointment which I now realize should have been a huge red flag! I met with my ENT for the initial consultation where she agreed to do the procedure and didn’t see her again until surgery day. Bad on her part and naive on mine! Haha I’m wishing you all the best though! The first time I had to go back into surgery was really tough and took a huge toll on me mentally, sending you the best of wishes and luck that everything goes smooth this time around. I use Reddit pretty sparingly but I’m around if you have questions or need advice!! You’ve got this :)

  12. A large amount of college grads do not currently work in their fields of study. A lot of company’s just want to know you’re capable of discipline. It’s up to you to figure out how to translate your transferable skills.

  13. Hi! I actually had to have a second cauterization the day after I posted this by my ENT because I started bleeding again. This time, it held, and I am fully recovered now.

  14. Hi! Were you put under general anesthesia the second time and had it electrically cauterized as opposed to chemical cauterization under local anesthesia?

  15. Post op day 10 here, i’ve had a few bleeds at home that i’ve stopped with ice water for 10-15 minutes, matter of fact just had one an hour ago.

  16. Hey OP! I’m currently going thru the same issue and would love to know how you are today. Did you have to get it recauterized a second time? After the first cauterization, did you happen to spit up spots of dark blood within 24 hrs?

  17. Literally experience right now like what don’t you understand about it’s TOO MUCH BLOOD?!

  18. I had repeat bleeds a few days apart. Ended up in emergency surgery.

  19. Answer: I think a lot of people have been severely influenced by the negative comments and reviews on the show.

  20. I just watched this episode and googled flo’s wine cake just to find a reddit post about it. I’ve never laughed so hard when I saw her baking a cake with a whole bottle of wine and bleu cheese. When she was smearing the cheese on the cake and said “it’s an odd smell” oh my god. I think she was trolling.

  21. Lmao I just finished the episode 30 minutes ago and ran to Reddit. I would’ve loved to watch her family eat the cake at the end of the episode, but they cut scenes before I could watch them swallow 🥲

  22. She was just a junkie that had a kid who she wanted to take off very capable and loving parents.

  23. Because his mother committed suicide causing his dad to go off the rails.

  24. First, I thought Bree because I’d love to eat her food everyday. But then I remembered how judgmental she was.

  25. I will never forget the Season 8 flashback where he convinced Bree to FINALLY open up and share with him what made her uncomfortable, and when she told him, he died laughing in her face and called her a child. He was the worst.

  26. Ew!!! Why is Carlos winning? He’s like the most offputting man in the show. I’d rather fuck Paul. I just can’t with his chauvinistic thing at all. He drives me insane.

  27. Omg I know! Carlos has never been attractive to me I just didn’t wanna get dragged ha

  28. Before I fully watched season 4 during my era of skipping around episodes, I always used to assum MJ stood for Mike Jr. 💀

  29. The writers milked it for what it's worth for an entire episode, then went with the nickname as the logical conclusion.

  30. I always find it amazing how Gabby's cheating is always brought up but never Carlos'.

  31. Probably. But I don't think she meant with their pregnant surrogate

  32. The flashbacks on this show are so fucking funny 😭😭😭 didn’t they have their first date “in college” hahahahaha

  33. Every girl in this era had her favorite pink and brown outfit. The classic being the fuzzy pink Columbia fleece with the brown juicy sweatpants and a white halter top underneath with the fat white etnies

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