1. That is so freaking awesome! Very nice mix of all the designs. Please tell me you are putting these print files out or something?

  2. Thank you! I can put them out there. But They might not be the best right now. I am going from traditional 3D character modeling to now hard surface, and making it so it can print well. So my designs ae not all that good/professional.

  3. There's a few different websites out there with all kinds of stuff on them you can print too.

  4. I see people saying they aren't cartel.....but if they are the "good guys" why are they stopping random cars and jumping out with guns for no reason?

  5. Duuuude, I doodled a craft just like this. It was going to be a deflatable blimp type thing and the cabin would be on some gimbal sliders so it would stay level inside while tipping and turning. Hybrid power with solar panels. The wings would deflate so it could fit in your garage.

  6. Oh I am NOT saying women don’t love wild sex. I’m saying the study is obviously very problematic, one of reasons being it involved mostly men. Which just screams “please Honey, I swear it won’t ruin our marriage”. It’s cool you’ve had a good positive experience but I don’t think you can say it’ll be like that for everyone, because it won’t.

  7. I don't think anybody is saying that. The study doesn't even say that.

  8. In the context of the time period it meant what makes her interested in something. Like why she thinks something is cool.

  9. I am aware of that, but that is not the context in which most people comment here. Most interpret it by today's standards - which explains the offended tones. And my comment was in that line.

  10. Same teacher in 2022 : “It’s okie dokie to say you’re actually a unicorn & take this covid shot plus chop your willy off before you even learn what its for without parental consent behind their backs!”

  11. Double mastectomies are being performed, in the United States, on girls as young as 11 years old. Is that not an operation regarding sex change?

  12. With consent from all parties and years of therapy...and even still it's barely a common thing even then.

  13. It's funny you should say that- because people with mental health issues/disabilities have historically been segregated and been victims of eugenics.

  14. I'm right leaning, and IF Trump did something illegal then he should be prosecuted. The problem is, we (folks on the right) don't have much faith in the FBI or DOJ right now, because they HAVE let people on the left (like Hillary) get away with so much.

  15. You obviously don't.... it's not a fucking witch hunt. He already admitted to so many things.

  16. Extensively. What they found, and nobody is disputing, is she did use a personal email/server for government business. What they also found is the practice is pervasive throughout most departments / leadership roles in our government. If the DOJ prosecuted this crime Hilary's defense would have been pretty simple. It's either not really a rule anybody follows, and therefore this is a political prosecution, or you need to prosecute every last person.

  17. Don't forget she actually testified and her mesages are archived now.

  18. all down tot he positioning of the product, rec room isnt trying to be the scifi metaverse thing from the social juggernaut

  19. Neither is Horizon Worlds....they are basically thw same thing. And neither is "the metaverse"

  20. My problem is - how are they a good couple? Like when they introduced this plot line it felt shoehorned in, not because it’s queer, but because - why on earth would guillermo have feelings for Nandor? What possible appeal does Nandor have? he’s a screwup asshole and the romantic plot line is really hard for me to believe

  21. Honestly... if Metaverse was like Reboot that would be amazing...

  22. You can remake the entire world of reboot in the metaverse if you want to.

  23. She scares the hell out of me. When McCain chose her as his running mate, I thought…damn smart of him to choose a woman..and to choose her. But then she spoke! Then I watched a video of her at her church speaking about a one world religion and I was like, oh hell no. She may not have said she can see Russia from her living room, but she said a lot in such a short time.

  24. I only squish the creepy spiders. The cute ones get to stay.

  25. I didn't say they aren't capable of doing anything, I'm just saying they vastly overestimate what they think they are capable of. They aren't the stunning militia they believe they are.

  26. Seriously, i say it all the time. The only reason these people think it's ok to act like this is because nobody wants.to cause more of a scene calling out their BS in public. They all need a good collective smack on the back of the head everytime they say something stupid.

  27. Many Christians think the Sabbath is supposed to be a day of rest. You're not supposed to work on the Sabbath day unless your ass falls in a ditch or some other emergency arises.

  28. Sabbath day shouldn't even be Sunday. It's supposed to be Saturday. Worshipping a different god and they don't even realize it.

  29. But no way they'd closely monitor us if the latter were the case, right NDT? I mean, you've gone on quite the promotional tour over that specific point.

  30. You’re making a huge assumption in thinking that the programmers in the next level up would make a simulation that is based on their own universe. I see no reason why this would have to be the case.

  31. We make what we know ....even the things we imagine are based on things we have seen. Even if it's a mixmash of previous things. Life imitates art. Art imitates life.

  32. Lmao pls don't do that 💀💀 not tryna melt it onn and the sun won't melt it...well now in the uk it might with the heatwave but yeah

  33. I meant just the silicon. Not the whole interface.

  34. Maybe try leaving it in in the sun and then put it on your facial interface inside with the AC. Maybe the heat will make it more malleable and as it cools the shape will hold ....maybe?

  35. They appear to be less aware of everything, their fucking stoned. Great find everybody!

  36. I think people are questioning the length because they are used to seeing big penises be girthy in porns.

  37. Highly doubt it. But this is a pointless argument. Let’s just wait until he posts a picture with a ruler. Then we can judge.

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