1. Refreshing to come across a post thats positive lol happy to have such a great group of commanders. Its absolutely the game of my dreams. Here's to CIG fixing it and getting everything we all want in it.

  2. This must be post Nr. 568 this month wanting to nerf infiltrator.

  3. Their zombie cry engine with guaranteed physics bugs is definitely not gonna sell to anyone. It’s so borked, at this point I think it would be cheaper to use UE5 to start again.

  4. A large reason why I mock these people is because I know where they align in the real world as well.

  5. My guess would be white single boomer guys, never played any other game than Star Citizen (maybe only Wing Commander), watching Fox News, supporting Elmo and the Donald…

  6. I guess nobody wants to do the garbage man career when it’s locked behind the next ridiculously priced ship sale…

  7. Man that's wild. Almost like when they opened that studio in Canada to work on pyro and other star systems but still nothing of substance had come out about that besides the few planet tech renders which they've changed like 2 times.

  8. Concerning salaries, there are rumors that they only pay average to under-average wages. And their inability to scale servers on any free fly event/patch day for the last 10 years is confirmation that they pretty much don’t invest enough into the server side and don’t really care.

  9. Ups, what happened CIG? Why is the Star Wars plagiarized ship not selling? And the capital ships that were pitched 10 years ago?

  10. Don’t buy the Omen series, tons of quality issues like malfunctioning keyboards, battery problem, mousepad problem etc. If you don’t believe me, just google it…

  11. I’m here since 2013… so the core of PS2 is/was combined arms clashes - battles of both infantry and vehicles, sometimes lasting hours or even days. That’s for me the game I got fascinated with. Now I sometimes play a very watered down redeployside as infantry. I moved now to other games such as squad and arma that provide me a similar experience with a mixture of vehicles and infantry, each fulfilling their role. Still miss the old days of PS2. And yes, I am aware that there were a lot of issues and no objectives.

  12. Thank you for supporting the mansion and yacht. Best wishes, Sandy 😘

  13. According to CIG they’re only “adapting their price”. So expect a price hike with absolutely zero progress or anything new about this scam.

  14. Thank you for the 30K CIG, let’s give them credit for having 30ks at least 5 times per session after half a billion dollars spent and 11 years of development.

  15. The current progress tracker neither shows actual progress nor any deadlines. Its function is purely aesthetic. But of course the carebears and whiteknights hype it up, because apart from some server melting freefly and some 2 year old cloud tech on a city planet (that btw to this day can’t be explored other than going from a hotel to your spaceport) nothing is happening.

  16. Looking at current gaming trends and in-development projects, SC is already years behind. It’s very difficult to develop any game, now it is even more difficult to develop an engine. Developing a game AND an engine side by side AND basically running a broken tech demo of both of them is basically unheard of… and we see what it results in. This is going to get really interesting in the upcoming years…

  17. It is true it is their forum they can do what they want but I also recall that no rules and regulations can overrule a countries laws

  18. Deceptive behavior - particularly with regard to customers - is definitely illegal under law. They might moderate their own forum by their own rules, but if they intentionally try to deceive consumers by filtering out negative posts and writing misleading statements it may be punishable by law doing so and they will face the consequences.

  19. If the forum is hosted in USA, couldn't we just write to our reps for a congressional hearing on the censorship of speech like they did Twitter?

  20. I’m not familiar with US law unfortunately, but as far as I understand congressional hearings can be held for as little as to obtain information or provide and explain data about topics of current interest.

  21. Hey, I did a post a couple months ago on Glassdoor reviews. And while it is true - as you stated - that it is hard to verify these - I doubt that all of them are fake or troll posts. Some of them really go into details and processes in place at CIG. Again it’s hard to tell for certain, but combined with the leaks and media articles it paints a clearer picture of how things are actually going in CIG.

  22. It’s absolutely fascinating how they can mess up so many things at once.

  23. Why cry about in game ships? You know they are getting wiped. They always do on content updates. Must be new to this. We grind, we get updates and we grind again. Smart people buy the ship or ships they enjoy and don’t have to grind for them. If you can’t, your playing the wrong game. This isn’t a poor man’s game. And before you get all butt hurt, I pleaded $300 in 2014, and never spent a dime until last year on anything else. But I’ve never bought a ship in game. I’ve bought all the ships I want. Get your grind on in life, or be prepared to grind monthly with CIG.

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