1. They really nailed it with the hateable antagonists this storyline, in World Legacy we only had Lee and Girsu who ended up as somewhat sympathetic villains.

  2. Remeber that scene where all of gamindustri came together to fight off the monster coming from the zero dimension my fantasy is that other characters like Kamen rider and Ultraman appear and it’s dank

  3. It's just the generations, the first 3 are the representatives of the Showa era, followed by the Heisei era, and at the end are the Reiwa era, it's basic knowledge of Japan's history and media.

  4. Depends on which shipping method you use I feel dhl is the cheapest and usually the best

  5. Znea says:

    Deskbot 004, easy. Of course you'll need Deskbot 007 or higher as well, but I mean, that's a staple, right?

  6. I’m thinking of making a deskbot deck but I haven’t a clue where to start

  7. You're gonna have to be more specific your title doesn't give people much to work on. What do you mean by where's black sun?

  8. Which country do you live in so we know which amazon link to give you.

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