What is the best non-sexual pleasure?

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  1. Seneca is another Stoic to look into at some point. My personal fave is Epictetus Discourses and Selected Writings, translated by Robert Dobbin. This also include the Enchiridion.

  2. This guy is amazing. Seems like he is consistently killing it, I see him on this sub a lot and it is always funny!

  3. Back when CP actually showed up in Google results. I don't like to think about it.

  4. Mostly your mom but your dad sometimes too.

  5. Lol, I agree. No sympathy for mage. They have so many cards that allow misplay or no play and then they are right back in it. I hated mage decks in HS and I don’t like them I. GU either!

  6. Same here, I’ve been trying to build a solid mill deck as well!

  7. Or if you are masturbating through prostate stimulation regularly you may be more likely to catch signs earlier and are able to treat it sooner thus reducing its risk.

  8. Should the cards we buy and forge be considered NFT’s if they are able to alter them whenever they want? Not complaining just asking out if curiosity what do you all think?

  9. It's hard to balance a TCG, I think devs are doing "ok" so far. They can't change the cards once the balancing phase ends so, I think it's okay.

  10. Fair point. I didn’t consider that Genesis cards and Trial become unalterable after the balancing period. I guess buyer beware if you are buying cards off the marketplace before the end of that phase.

  11. I prefer to go to Bondi too! That would be my suggestion.

  12. Having the same issue! Super annoying and unsettling. Also no word/email from Voyager on the issue is amateur. I can’t even do the kyc portion as it closes the app after I am finally able to take a successful screen shot of both sides of my license.

  13. I enjoyed the sign language used by the Lady Jessica. I think it was a cool way of showing the more subtle powers of the Bene Gesserit. Something hard to display on screen without having narrative voice overs. It was clever.

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