Gen.G vs. DRX / 2022 World Championship - Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion

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  1. CloudTemplar has been very vocal about the work ethic of NA pros and Vulcan decides to go after "Steve, Platinum IV" lmao

  2. Trivia: cCarter was the general manager for SKT T1 (Now T1) From 2013 up until 2017 (Not entirely sure if up to 2017). He's just an amazing General Manager.

  3. He didnt play any in EUW last year or any champs queue either. This game is just too easy for him

  4. Imagine if faker never changed his ign. “Gojeonpa what was that?!”

  5. The Information inside steam is wrong for a lot of Mac games. Many are still marked 32 bit even after the game gets updated. The only way to tell is to install & try to run.

  6. What I don’t get is why IINA or VLC don’t have hardware decode. Especially since (from what I can see, anyone correct me if I’m wrong) the Apple silicon series have dedicated silicon in their hardware for these codecs

  7. LMAO why are you so pressed about what I shared? 😂I never said that sexual offenses do not occur in the UK. I just stated that sexual offenses are largely NOT reported in Korea for reasons I stated above. I’m Korean and I know people who live there who are victims and have not reported to the police. The same can be said for other Koreans I know through mutuals. Have you been to Korea? Know what the shame culture there is like? Also, I know you’re obsessed with statistics, but I hope you know that they’re not always accurate.

  8. You are obsessed with personal experience, which varies from person to person and is often far more inaccurate than statistics. If you're going to talk about crimes in Korea, of course, I think it's an intelligent attitude to refer to at least a few statistics. But you don't seem to know that and I just don't feel worth discussing because you're going to keep referring to "personal experiences."

  9. Let me ask you something: if victims are too scared to visit the police, what makes you think they’re comfortable partaking in studies about sexual assault? Also, there aren’t many studies on sexual assault in Korea anyway, let alone on victims who do not report their situations.

  10. Thank you for sharing your opinion, but honestly as I said, I don't feel its worth discussing, because no matter what crime statistics I bring, you'll say it's because of an "Shame culture" and just ignore it. Pretty convenient way to argue for a less intelligent person, huh.

  11. woowww, this is very concerning! Is this because the woman is Korean and the boy is not?

  12. As I said before, the male suicide rate is higher than the female suicide rate in almost all countries, so it makes no sense for you to use the male suicide rate to prove whether a country persecutes women or not.

  13. Quoting suicide rates as an indicator of human rights is really ignorant thing, and I hope you see it.

  14. I'm just asking out of curiosity what you think the explanation for the high suicide rate is then.

  15. Dude they’re all black and she’s white. You expect them to do something ? You must not have been around this planet long 😂

  16. CoSh says:

    I went to skorea expecting this and the regular sites worked fine so... idk what's actually banned.

  17. I feel like its at least partially offset by the fact that korea (or maybe its just japan?) has like a thousand different fleshlight variants and cock sucking machines. Just look on aliexpress for a bit.

  18. It's just japan. we can't make such thing. feminist oraganizations really want to ban things like fleshlight.

  19. It's really horrible how racism against asians often gets overlooked.


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