AMD Fundamentals (this is nuts)

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  1. really trying hard to stay relevant. meta is great at jumping on bandwagons. will they rename the company to "AI" now? i expect this to go as well as metaverse, oculus, and facebook in general (anyone using it under 50?). this just reeks of desperation.

  2. Meta has more data on society then anyone else. This is their advantage in the AI wave that will require chips and data. They could use chips by others, but with their own chip they don’t have the share their revenue with chip designers and can control their own density. Worsecase, they lose a few billions while using their chip as leverage to negotiate favorable chip prices with 3rd parties.

  3. That is why I am puzzled seeing everyone betting Nvidia but no one investing in either TSMC or Intel. The chips won't make themselves out of the blue. Valuation wise if you believe in AMD or Nvidia or AI in general, it is stupid to ignore the fabs. But maybe I am wrong.

  4. I agree. Intel, TSMC, Samsung are the current top fabs. China is behind but will likely have their own fabs at much lower prices too. But your argument that compute is going to drive fabs it very valid. They have a moat, while RISC-V, ARM and custom AI chips is a very real threat to x86 chip designers.

  5. I posted my photos last month on here to share with our community. Someone must have downloaded the photo and submitted it and now they are a finalist in the Earth Day Contest

  6. You likely have the original higher resolution photo, maybe even RAW. Plus you also have more variations of the same photo. You can use that to prove you are the original source. Good luck. Likely this person just didn’t know where the photo had come from.

  7. The dude is nothing but a liability to Tesla at this point.

  8. He definitely overpromises to set the direction of the vision and push engineering to move as fast as possible. IMO, without his ambition at accomplishing these unrealistic things, it wouldn’t get done in the first place. When he leaves, Tesla will slowly become a GM.

  9. Not quite. The bailout was 54 billion dollars of US taxpayer money, of which they're responsible for repaying only 14 billion... as if they won't buy their way out of it with some well placed bribes to corrupt politicians.

  10. I agree with your sentiment so I looked for a status on these loans. It's not that bad with most of the media reporting the total approved amount. The actual borrowed amount is much smaller. The larger airlines have already paid it back in full.

  11. They don’t need FSD. The technology they put into FSD is pivotal to robotics, where they major hurdle is vision and training.

  12. Tesla's biggest long term advantage and moat is its large and quickly growing modern manufacturing capabilities, and its relationship with China. 2nd guy in command is a Chinese exec. FSD, Robotics is mostly a software play that can very easily be won by smaller teams or another hardcore software company such as Microsoft (OpenAI), or other startups.

  13. Hard to tell but I think you're from the US and honestly; please stay away. Without exception every male from the US I have met here has been loud, obnoxious, arrogant and unstintingly stupid. I can't know if you're any different, but honestly chances are you are a part of that problem. I don't know why you guys are like this, American girls are great, but you just don't get it.

  14. There's two setting ins the BIOS that might make a difference. Go to the bios, then Boot. The bottom two settings have something to do with booting from LAN, which may include wifi, I dunno. It might be worth turning both of those off to see if that helps.

  15. Thanks! I tried that but it did not fix the issue.

  16. the White House reached out the day of the inauguration.

  17. Can you provide a source? I tried googling but could not find it. I'm still under the assumption that Biden having the EV Summit day without inviting or meantioning Tesla was the trigger for Elon's antics against Biden.

  18. Yes, AMD is a bit weaker, but significantly less power hungry, which is much better for the laptop battery life and cooling.

  19. Based on benchmarks and reviews I've seen, no - the performance is just lower due to the less powerful Ryzen CPU. Do you have GPU-intensive work other than gaming?

  20. I’m planning on some gaming, but mostly work on 3D dev and ML/AI study. This is why I prefer the Nvidia gpu over 6800s. I got the 6900HX/3070ti config while I travel. Up to 20% faster intel, is not as important as battery life to me.

  21. A family member of mine had something like 10k in uninsured equipment stolen. Cops did nothing despite clear security footage, serial numbers, etc. you’d think the popularity of AirTags would help situations like this. We just had to give up on that equipment and move on. Can’t be too careful with your things if you can’t afford to lose it. Sorry for your awful situation!

  22. If you have DigiD you can file a report online. Not sure if you have Dutch citizenship but if you do that could be an option

  23. I'm not a citizen, so the police doesn't care about me. =/

  24. I'm sorry this happened to you. It just happened to me in a train in Amsterdam. They took my bag from over my head during a stop. The bag has all my most important valuables and personal items. It hits your sense of safety and trust really hard!

  25. America needed cheap oil so that they can commute on their V8 pickup trucks.

  26. What happens to buyers who were told the model 3 has required hardware for FSD..?

  27. They get FSD 1.0 which won't be as good as FSD 2.0 (HW 4.0).

  28. I like the intent but I don't think the app would be successful as most people will not volunteer for this in the long term to pay for the costs of the charity and supporting this service.

  29. Apple is a lot more stable than AMD, and even they are trading at PE 20.

  30. My disagreement isn't respectful. Does that mean I am attacking you?

  31. Not at all. It is just me recognizing that while we disagree, I still respect your opinion.

  32. Then telling Elon to fuck off also isn't an attack on him.

  33. I see the connection that you are trying to make, but I still disagree.

  34. I mean my phone stays on GPS off but there is a few good points there.

  35. I understand your anger at the wealthy. It is valid. Wealth inequality is horrible right now and most of them are not trying to help at all. At least not directly through taxes or charity.

  36. Fair enough, but we also know Elon plays both sides of the political game. So he gets more of a say than me and hundreds of thousands of other Americans do in our political system, just because he's wealthy and wants to further his own personal interests.

  37. Fair comments. Honest question though, What specific things did he do to keep the shitty nonfunctional game the same way?

  38. I actually don't agree with this. Fuck Putin but, he is human, and it's important to continue to see him as one. If we start telling ourselves that the monsters of humanity are not human, that's the point where we stop recognizing the darkness that potentially lurks in everybody. Recognition that humans can be evil, and accepting that it's possible (not that it's right) is important for being able to call this shit out.

  39. Agree! This is why it’s important to have forms of governance that do not centralize power, because any one human can become evil or have mental breakdowns. And when they control nukes, the whole world is at risk. De-centralize!

  40. While Epic fixes it, you can replace the corresponding files with the ones here:

  41. I had to find and merge over each file, but it fixed the issue for me! Thank you so much!

  42. The human body is a general design intended to handle many tasks at the cost of lack of specialization. Specialization is what you want in a factory. The person attaching a cable to a box in an assembly line does not need legs, a head, etc. So building a full humanoid robot even if the technology was mature enough goes against the goal of making the factory more cost efficient.

  43. Ok, honestly, this is getting a bit ridiculous. People don't seem to understand how utterly complex stocking a grocery shelf is.

  44. Making basic walking robots is a solved problem today. Making it start to replace complex human body capabilities is FSD x 10 in difficulty. It is good to start the work now, but let's use Elon's own timelines for perspective. FSD will be solved but is taking 10-15 longer then he predicted. Once FSD is solved, add at least 10 years before that technology can be packaged from a 4000lb car into a 100lb robot that has to have a better understanding and physical control of the environment (more compute).

  45. Based on OP's post history, this is definitely intention FUD instead of asking hard questions.

  46. This data could be anonymized and open sourced so that we can build tools that help our governments know where they need to focus road improvement funding. California desperately needs this! Better roads leads to more comfortable rides and less waste in tire/suspension wear and tear.

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