1. She's been manic ever since she dyed her hair a few days ago. She acts like the all mighty queen who knows everything

  2. She turned off the comments things must have got wilddddd

  3. She really thinks she's doing something. Nope just traumatizing us all and her kids

  4. I feel that she's on her high horse because she has new hair like she's hypeeeeed

  5. She is the exact reason I had to take a step back and reevaluate what region and Christianity meant to me because she made me feel like I was somehow doing it wrong

  6. Everything about jt. I'm telling you everyone I know who grew up like me.. went wild the second they got freedom. It really can screw you up. Or you deal with deep shame and guilt that you are never doing enough or being holy enough. I'm so happy I'm raising my kids normal as he'll. This video is so insensitive and judge and down right ... dumbbbbbb. If your not a Christian mama.... DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY WOMEN ARE STRUGGLING W INFERTILITY

  7. I know first hand sheltering your kids makes them run so far away the second they leave the nest ( or before )

  8. And she made it sound like she's late all the time. Like HOWWWWWW FROM making tik toks I bet

  9. I drive my kid to school everyday with a 9 month old I have to lug along I can't think of one reason to ever be late. It's such an easy task for her. Her only job after is to put on makeup and go out to lunch and get her hair done and do lives on tik tok. How are you ever ever ever late to drop your kid off..... demps like how

  10. Also how the heck do a post pictures and text on reddit I could not figure it out

  11. I feel like she's more concerned with the fact that her bodies growing. She seems rlly fixated on her boobs growing belly. Like it's supposed to happen girllllllll you're growing a human

  12. It is a REALLY hard adjustment to make especially since the changes vary from week to week (writing this as a 38 week preggo who cannot wait to deliver). But I also had my nursery planned and my registry done both by 15 weeks.. so it is weird to me that she hasn’t even begun thinking about it. I can’t decide if she’s just trying to be ThAt CoOl PrEgNaNt GiRl who eats what she isn’t supposed to over being that prepared mama. Idk it just feels very inauthentic to me and not the vibe of someone who is really excited about becoming a parent. Like girl, at some point you have to accept the weight is going to come and then when you can, the weight will come off. It’s not a forever thing — your child is.

  13. Yeah something feels really off to me. Ik a lot of women have big feelings on weight gain during pregnancy. For me I can't understand. It's supposed to happen. It's hard but it happens our bodies are taking on such a huge thing and growing a human!!!! ( mom of 2 ) idk something feels off to me. That's the only thing I've seen from her. Like what she's eating and how much she's gaining. What about.... like I'm so excited to have a baby???? Lol

  14. Dude I was raised in this household. Everything was church h youth group camp. From my experience and many others when you escape this it's pure freedom and true happiness. Living everyday not feeling like your praying enough being good enough in Bible terms and living up to the Christian life style eats you alive. You are never enough. Doing enough. Pure enough. And don't even get me started on the purity culture bullshit. I'm so glad I am free of this life. I will never raise my kids in this garbage.. they will live in a free home to be believe who they want / are

  15. I would prefer not to be the one holding tires. I will never fix a damn car.

  16. No one has needed to speak to a real lactation consultant more

  17. Dude this is the grossest thing she's ever done. Looking good is feeling good. Clothes are fun. Fashion is fun Makeup is fun. Nails are fun. Life's too short to be dressing like a Mormon. They don't even wanna dress thay way yo. I hate this more than anything she's ever done. Life is too short to not be free to wear and dress in whatever you feel good in and play with makeup hair and nails. I stand by this

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