1. He had the hero chi before so he should definitely scale to the black tortoise feat.

  2. Connections: two magical warriors that came from the past by a mysterious figure (Anseem, seeker of darkness and Loptr). Both are a young version of the main villain (Xehanort and Balder). Both start/engage in a disastrous idea that would effect the universe, in order to keep the balance of light and darkness (Young Xehanort participating in his future self plan to reset the universe so dark and light can have a balance and Balder starting the witch hunts to keep a balance of darkness and light). Both also believe that these ideas are for the better. Both have a unique bladed weapon (the key blade and the holy glaive). Both have similar powers of stopping time. Both would be defeated many times by the main character and would respect them. Both future selves wou die (Young Xehanort was banished to his timeline but Master Xehanort would die later on and The Masked Lumen would seal him self with Loptr and in the modern time he would die with Loptr soul in him).

  3. He scales to the turtles which had a Island-Multi Continental feat in Rise of the TMNT movie

  4. Alright makes sense. But that would require to use rise shredder. They would be using human shredder.

  5. If this ever happened, I would pray that they make Trypticon British

  6. Goku vs. Ryu but villains. Both were also secret bosses in fighting games

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