A NATO soldier shows the photographs of 9/11 attack to common Afghans and asked them do you even know what is it? He replied "I'm just a farmer and I know only about wheat and grains. I don't have any idea about these pics." Someone literally said that "I think it's Kabul"

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Can't stop seeing stars

  1. Those are a interesting design of lure,never seen anything like that but look like they create a lot of movement and disturbance in the water. Nice one & great catch!

  2. They do make a more broad sweeping motion. It’s 1/4oz and on 4-6lb test you can launch them. Thanks!

  3. No need to strike with treblers,ive found they will hook themselves usually and that when you strike its pulling it away hence the lack of hook ups.

  4. It has occurred to me since day one of looking into this stuff. These Elites have everything including advanced medical treatment. They don't give a crap.

  5. The problems that RU troops are experiencing the most now and from the beginning in general is 'logistics' which is key to the success of their offensive.

  6. Picture you're in the second vic in order of movement of platoon in column. Vic 1 blows up while traveling on the road. What do you do? There are a huge number of possibilities as to why vic 1 blew up, but you wont know because you can't. Do you wait until enemy drone footage of the TIC makes it onto the internet? Nope Do you get to wait and procrastinate to make a decision based on perfect info? Nope.

  7. If in doubt pop some smoke! at least obscure yourself from the enemy and haul ass . Yeah I know that's not perfect in every situation and generally isn't in most armies doctrines but then this isn't your typical warfare either with regards to Russian tactics or lack of them .

  8. Took a tour at Brinton Lodge which is a 300 year old house with lots of deaths that happened and apparently many ghost sitings.

  9. I saw the face on the second photo of a woman before I'd actually read this comment op, so had no idea a woman had died falling down the staircase. It's at the bottom left of the French door in the background. I changed the photo some more and altered the contrast and brightness and there's what looks like a infants face becomes visible, I say infant because it doesn't have hair . Thanks for posting.

  10. Haha, surely you jest. The amounts of shell cases, vehicle wrecks, unexploded ordinance, gas grenades, explosives and general riff raff garbage that was just buried in pits, dumped in the oceans and waters and in many cases just left in the field after WW1 is enormous. And in places like Belgium, France, Luxembourg and many other sites, farmers find so many munitions every spring plowing their fields that there are special drop off spots slong the roads and on the side of fields where they can put them so they get collected. Its also still pretty normal for several blocks to be evacuated when they find large air bombs and bomb shells during new constructions. Even the large mine bombs they dug tunnels to fill with explosives under enemy positions still get found now and then randomely explode, often triggered by lightning. These last ones were enourmous bombs. One of them set off during the war was in fact the worlds largest explosion before nukes.

  11. I think what you're referring to about the farmers annually finding un- exploded ordinance is what's known as the 'STEEL HARVEST'.

  12. One went off in 2020, due to lighting strike, its not the first one either

  13. I'd totally forgot about that, thanks.... Was that the one where the farmers herd of cows happened to be grazing nearby and many of them got took out?

  14. I have yet to run into them. I don't think they are linked to the intelligence community, as I reached out to them and got zip back, as well as still no "men in black". Last night while trying to get credible ufo footage I did notice that there was one, possibly two helicopters in the night sky. I couldn't see them, but I could definitely hear them, as all else was silent. Interestingly enough, the closer I got to the lake, the less I heard them. Perhaps they aren't fans of water? Another irritating thing I noticed was the second I was about to get a good shot of a ufo suddenly my camera would switch to selfie, or the light orb would simply disappear on screen. I could still see it with my naked eye, yet my camera wasn't finding the ufo, much less any surrounding stars. It was odd to say the least. Also, I noticed my camera suddenly recording areas BENEATH where I was focusing the shot rather than in the target area it was pointed. No men in black, but I will say our little sky buddies are capable of pulling off some extraordinary party tricks entertainment wise!🀣

  15. It's interesting that you pointed out about 'camera glitches' when attempting/taking photos of objects /ufos because I've also experienced this too. I'm pleased to hear its not just me though, I was putting it down to my sausage fingers and and imoleade phone screens just didn't mix. My phones a Samsung and have taken hundreds of photos over the years, two that stand out the most was flipping to selfie mode and camera button just refusing to take photo . This has only ever happened when attempting to photo something in the air such as a possible ufo sighting, maybe they can transmit some emf and without destroying said electrical equipment or given off a interference signal.

  16. My phone tried to hard reset when I got home. Suddenly the screen went black and a list of commands popped up. Commands such as "reboot now" and "hard reset". I rebooted and now my phone was beeping saying 15% left battery wise. To rule out our sky relatives as the culprit I'm attempting the same again tonight, with a witness, keeping my phone in airplane mode to prevent human interference. Hell, I'll even tinfoil the damn thing everywhere but the camera!🀣😜

  17. One survivor recalled going to a baseball game at Navin Field, which was the previous name of Tiger Stadium in Detroit. The roar of the crowd when someone got a home run sounded just like the sea of people slowly freezing to death in the water after the Titanic went under. He said it started as a roar and gradually got quieter and quieter until there were just a few last agonizing moans and then silence. He said he never went to a baseball game again. I always think of this when I hear a roaring crowd.

  18. I came to write this too, he was just a young kid .... maybe 10-11 Yr Old and as you pointed out he would literally go in to a state of 'shock' .....complete paralysing fear.

  19. ghosts are only allowed to turn lights off and on, knock wobbly things off of shelves and say stuff like "get out"

  20. How would all of you respond to a terrorist attack that killed 3k people and specifically targeted civilians?

  21. The real question you should be asking is why did the NSA,CIA and the rest of those pukes commit the atrocities to their own people? Do you think that it's was just Bin Larden and his cronies the were responsible.

  22. Larger trenches had underground dugouts that troops could shelter in. When artillery started landing, troops would move into these dugouts, which were entirely underground, and could survive direct hits from HE shells. That's why the days long artillery bombardments that preceded offensives, were usually ineffective. Troops would hole up in these dugouts, then leave and re-man their fighting positions along the trench lines after the bombardment ceased.

  23. Although technically correct as you pointed out, on the western front for example, it was the Germans that were known for their lavish and very deep dugouts. Once the order was given after the failure of the schliefen plan and order given to retreat the Germans hand picked the area's most suitable to defend ie, ridges...salients , hills.the advantage of the high ground, essentially provided much better drainage leading to less caveins and far more stable ground to dig down too for entrenching . The idea was to get as comfortable as possible for the long haul ahead. Depths of 25-30ft were quite the norm ,some officers went as far as wall papering the dug out and comandering beds from shelled out houses of the towns in that area. The Germans would make use of the reverse slopes on these locations which gave a large amount of protection from the allied batteries attempt's to locate and counter battery fire at the Germans. concealing their batteries from artillery observers spotters was another good reason for the higher ground and reverse slope entrenching. A big problem for the British and French was that they had way more qf field guns which predominantly worked in the direct fire role and had a much shallower shell trajectory which ment they weren't able to drop the shell's over these High ground areas and needed to be able to observe where shell's landed. However the Germans used this to their advantage as they primarily used a method know as In-direct fire with Howitzers which fired HE shell's that would fire on a much steeper trajectory, up and over their positions and into the British and French trenches . The allies theology was that they didn't plan on being there long so the were sparce in comparison, not to mention water logged for the best part of the war.

  24. His range is amazing. He has other songs with a deep as fuck voice.

  25. Absolutely, I'm pretty damn sure ive heard him sing rhythm and blues before and was shocked that it was him.

  26. I literally got heart palpitations when I saw this picture, this looks the same as the thing I saw when I came home one evening late last year near the Xmas time...

  27. Nery. Amazing diver. Biggest balls ever πŸ€™πŸ»

  28. The lower dungeon of Warwick Castle. It's an 'oubliette', where prisoners were dropped and forgotten about These were sometimes placed under privies, so not only would you be forgotten about, you'd be the recipient of all the castle's human waste. Often this horrible prison was built as a very narrow passage, not wide enough for the prisoner to sit down or even get down on his knees. He was forced to stand or lie prone as he starved to death. He could tilt his head back to see the the grate, far above his head and out of reach, but that was all. The oubliettes were sometimes built within the walls of the upper floors of a castle, rather than in the dungeon, so that victims could hear and smell the life of the castle as they slowly died of deprivation in unspeakable conditions. Corpses were left to be consumed by vermin, and many oubliettes were discovered, centuries later, to be strewn with human bones.

  29. About 19 miles as the crow flies from my house lies Alnwick Castle home of the Percy family mostly known for Harry 'the hotspur' percy who also owned Warkworth Castle not that far away. Its been on a few films such as Harry Potter, transformers ect and is a stunning castle. Built originally by the Norman earls who William the conqueror of Normandy allocated to his nobleman for their services in the invasion of England at the time. Alnwick would see many battles in its time mainly with the Border reivers (scots) who would come down to steal and pillage the English, if caught they would be guaranteed a long stay in its obilette. Like others have mentioned they were thrown down head first so if being dropped head first didnt kill you you'd end up breaking bones. Horrible end but could be worse they could've been taken to Chillingham Castle which had a far worse reputation.

  30. It looks more like something is pulled out of his jacket and he and his wife are tucked and looking at it. It explodes and blows his face off from underneath and to the front. As if it originated from something she was holding. Did she lose part of it? Why else would her first reaction be to jump on the trunk and grab whatever fell out?

  31. Yes after the impact she turns and gets up and reaches over the trunk as if trying to retrieve something then in the following seconds the agent is on the scene and is passed something to him ,could it have been a tiny pistol ?

  32. Nothing anyone here can say will hurt him as much as NOT having meth

  33. Shit dude I felt that burn my eyes from reading that , well roasted cheif πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🌑

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