1. I got True Bankai Ichigo on the free pull

  2. FB Heart Ichigo is way better even though he's free

  3. What doesn't make sense to me is why are they only upset now? Everytime we see her in her hero costume she's literally stark naked? Where's the outcry then?

  4. Probably because as long as you cannot see her,it's all right

  5. They both looks good,the difference is that there are more mind hollow killers that are better than Mind FB Ichigo,while for Heart killer hollows,Heart FB Ichigo seems to be the 2nd best,if not the absolute best,among all

  6. I think you meant soul reaper killer for mind ichigo and yeah this heart ichigo is the best heart hollow killer in the game atm.

  7. Idk what he said but let’s be honest… a lot of people where talking shiii before the skills were revealed.

  8. He said he wanted to wait for more hyped characters because these 3 are bland

  9. Well I'm building an Ichigo team and I just need another one

  10. You know what would be exciting? Some sternritters or at least if the characters had decent visuals

  11. The guys in the comments do understand that Quilge will arrive for sure just Klab is waiting for the anime to first show it so they got the excuse for drop a new banner,right?

  12. Personally I like Orihime much but she defenitely is not a 10/10 characters. I would say,a 7.8/10

  13. Yeah but you know some simps take things too far

  14. Same as me,don't really want to block you

  15. OP: Harribel is a hollow and she has elemental powers.

  16. Retsu but people out here are massively downplaying Roka

  17. True,I saw a comment section under a youtube video saying "one of the worst tech ever made"

  18. What the aaaaactual fuck are you talking about? I'm just going to block you now.

  19. I cant imagine Starrk being evil as a person.. so maybe in Rukongai he chills.. even during the Quincy War.

  20. They didn’t need the hollow, White complicated Masaki’s life. The reason Isshin had to be in the gigai was essentially to prevent White from infecting and killing Masaki’s Quincy body. So yes a gigai and a human can mate, hence Ichigo.

  21. So,a gigai and a quincy/half quincy as well?

  22. Given all known evidence in the single example shown, yes. Isshin was full Reaper in a gigai, Masaki was Pure Quincy, and so Ichigo is half and half.

  23. Maybe since the anime is coming back the could release a tybw Ichigo but pre soul society invasion,basically with his fullbring bankai

  24. Oh and killing campers and talking shit to them. Thats what makes the game fun.

  25. That's of course if you can track them down

  26. Nah bro Starkk wants friends,he will defenitely not forget about you

  27. Yea fs. At least we’ll always have the high seas to fall back on.

  28. Viz confirmed the simulcast,I'm already ok with that to be honest with you

  29. Then she is the best tech hollow killer you have and you should definitely work on her if you can 20/20/20 her

  30. Mid is just another way of calling something shit/low quality.

  31. But it's funny how mid (in a tier) doesn't even mean that

  32. I mean she could have just as easily fixed the window too. Guess she didn’t want to bother

  33. Better this way,less noisy and more funny to see

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