1. “The Vaccine Injured Have Been Abandoned” – Dr. Pierre Kory

  2. LOCK HER UP! Hillary is BACK!!! Comedic take on her latest ventures into the educational world.

  3. Did the Native American reservation system prove it as well?

  4. Supposedly this group has a lot of power and influence. Many people are purported to be amongst them.

  5. Someone dug up an old clip of Joe Biden. Nato expanded right up to the border of Russia this time.

  6. More discussion on those shoes. Podcaster podcasts on current events.

  7. 20 minute diatribe on the latest domestic terrorism. This time from a short hair out in the wilds of California.

  8. Reporting from somewhere on Spaceship Earth...

  9. Surprised they released this so soon. Looks like the window was broken and could've turned into that Texas tower style incident if it wasn't stopped.

  10. Wonder what the Judicial System will say this time? Social media companies are captured now too?

  11. No source cited for that, either. And the "intimidation" attempt apparently consisted solely of the next line:

  12. Dana Bash, Jon Karl and John King, Bush asks Daschle to limit Sept. 11 probes, CNN, January 29, 2002,

  13. Three years ago, Senator Schumer said the intelligence community was very angry at the President, and has "six ways from Sunday" to get back at him.

  14. The Citizens United of Twitter. Lobbying Power. Money wins out?

  15. To dishearten everyone... Reminds me of the operations going on in places like Russia as well.

  16. Supposedly this dude wrote a Green Book too. Outlining his personal and political beliefs regarding the people of Libya. If the media and gov't weren't completely captured more attention would be paid to those leaked emails probably.

  17. Unusual circumstance after his tumultuous election season, process, and campaign. Hopefully townhall is an approved media outlet on Reddit here.

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