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  1. Idiotic play calling vs Pitt and 1st Pats game largely to blame for those 2 losses.

  2. You’re better off saving it and dousing yourself with it as Josh hoists the Lombardi in February.

  3. Don’t forget that f*cking hypocrite John Kerry, the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. He right there side by side with Taylor.

  4. Meh. Doesn’t do him justice. Josh should win People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2022 and that picture doesn’t turn the crank for me. Show him in shorts though and I’m ready to leave my wife.

  5. First 2 people are having cataract surgery (they have an excellent prognosis). Last one is having a pterygium removed (sadly, painful and a limited prognosis).

  6. The Bills are the Bernie Sanders of the NFL. No way those super pac Nashville SOB's beat us out. This is a grass roots movement!

  7. David Njoku is at $0. Cleveland Browns fans must be donating all their money to Deshaun’s legal fund.

  8. 3rd and 1 and passing the ball halfway through the 4th quarter with a lead. Kyle Shannahan is 100% responsible for this loss (and SF’s loss vs KC) because of idiotic play calling. He’s an overrated fool.

  9. Burrow regresses this year. Calling it now.

  10. But mostly because the Super Bowl hangover is real. Bengals are ruined this year. Just think Seattle, Atlanta

  11. Idiotic play calling vs Pitt week 1 (flea flicker on 3rd and 1 then pitching the ball backward ~4 yards on 4th and 1) cost the Bills that game. Even worse play calling vs the Pats in the wind game (8 plays inside the 10 yard line, 0 points) cost them that game. I like Daboll but he called some head-scratching plays at times. Josh made him look very good. At least Dorsey has played the game. I like to think he has a more nuanced understanding of the game because of that.

  12. I actually enjoy watching a dumbf*ck wipe out like this. Certain genes need to be eliminated from the gene pool.

  13. What hurts the most to me is the offense won that game twice at the end. Unfortunately the defense lost the game 3 times.

  14. McDermott and Frazier deserve 100% of the blame. On the final 2 plays they had Poyer and Hyde 30 yards deep and no DB anywhere near the line of scrimmage. I think they screwed up the math and thought they were up by 4. They called a defense to prevent a TD and instead gave up the FG.

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