1. Wait why are people building blade of hepataseas of brody recently. Is hunter strike worse?

  2. Maybe u are right at this point but I think in mg they would know how to deal with Fanny players

  3. If u comparing the look maybe this is better but the skill effects of the collector skin is far better

  4. This is the difference between good Dyrroths and bad Dyrroths. Good Dyrroths will always make sure to fill up their red bars before entering a fight.

  5. Good tanks may have the best gamesense, but it all falls apart when your teammates gamesense don't have it

  6. to carry a team u have to have both enough dmg and enough sustain and in the same time good mapawareness. Even when u play 4 vs 5 if all the 5 need how to play means mapawareness, and know what they have to do in their roles it may be really hard to cover his position.

  7. Rafaela needed that revamp soo bad. She is basically useless now

  8. agree with u, she isn't that useless but still needs more compared to other roamers

  9. There is absolutely no reason to revamp this bitch. Minsitthar, Aldous or maybe Zilong needs a revamp...

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