1. You can get emotional, but you needed to hear this. If everyone were to pander to your delusions it wouldn't be conducive to you reaching your goals. If it takes an asshole to challenge your perception of the world, which is contorted and inaccurate, I'm glad to be the asshole that may encourage you to reconsider your position. You're welcome.

  2. As someone who is 5'9 and 223.3lbs rn coming down from 240 after some hard meds and bad habits. I'm glad you were here to call him out on this with logic. Definitely helps the rest of us in similar situations. The most I have lost in a week so far was like 8 lbs maybe and I'm going for 185 for my first goal. I used to be 175 and gained to 240 after being on some medicine for a while that I needed. Hoping that now that I'm off, I can finally get back to it.

  3. They are basically guessing at this anyways. You can't REALLY tell if you are in rem or deep sleep or not unless you measure brain waves, according to my research. They go off if you aren't moving and heart rate. So you can literally be in bed reading a book for hours and it might think you are deep asleep. While mine has personally been accurate as far as timing goes at least, don't fret the sleep stuff too much for these gadgets. Also from my research, a lot of people actually lose sleep over this tracking their sleep. When in reality, Fitbit is just guessing/estimating.

  4. How did you find this out? On messages?You really should have a talk with her on what this is about.

  5. She still hasn't woken up and I still haven't been to sleep, but I plan on talking to her about it when she is up and we are alone.

  6. So are you upset that she is venting to her friend or that you feel the things she’s saying are not true?

  7. Stuff not being true. And it's not that I feel that it's not true. Some of the stuff is literally not true. Like what I do during the day type stuff. There are only so many hours in a day and I can't work 10 hours and sleep 3-6 hours and take care of a kid AND play videogames all day long. Some stuff I could just making me feel bad because it has some truth, but it's the blatant lies that get to me. And the telling her friend one thing about something and me another. It just hurts that she doesn't trust me enough to tell me how she really feels about it and idk how to fix that or how it even got broken

  8. A couple of things stand out to me, you play video games for 30 minutes every day... does your partner get 30 minutes to herself every day?

  9. She gets several hours a day to her self, as do I. Our baby is really good and always has been and basically never is fussing so as far as that goes, it's pretty chill.

  10. Tbh, snooping. Wasn't my intentions but ended up happening. We are pretty open with our phones though and share each other's phone all the time. At this particular moment I was trying to add her Spotify to a family plan and saw her friend flaming me in the notifs

  11. I mean, listen, I don't know either of you from a hole in the wall but it seems like there's something bigger going on here and you may want to seek professional help to moderate a healthy discussion between you and your fiance.

  12. I appreciate the advice. She's on meds rn and I honestly should be. I used to be but got over what I was going through, but then several months later had a kid and some of that stuff came back. I really want to do couples therapy but it honestly frightens me for no reason.

  13. One pitbull and one great Pyrenees here. We kept ours in kennel untill about 2 month to where they knew boundaries with the baby. The great Pyrenees is constantly barking at noisy neighbors (live in an apartment) we just put her in the kennel when she is barking or bring her upstairs where she can't hear the neighbors outside.

  14. I hope your situation is improving! I don’t know if this could help, I honesty think it could be applicable in any relationship but as a woman looking in she probably feels like the mental load of household chores/relationship maintenance/child rearing is too much. So when she asks you to take out the dog it’s making the chore her responsibility to remember to tell you to do it.

  15. I've read that before and definitely changed the way I thought about things. I never really saw that as an issue before hand and I think most men don't understand that it is one.

  16. Whenever my wife's parents come over, I literally have to fight them basically to give me my child. Like I get that they want to see her too, but if I say I want to hold her or to do something a certain way, then do it.

  17. Same here! It’s just that entitlement of the grandparents that kill me. Glad we can commiserate but wish we didn’t have to lol

  18. Both of our families (my fiances and mine) were also extremely toxic as we were growing up as well which makes it so much worse because I am of the mind to just up and leave so our kid never has to deal with that, plus we are in a shit state anyways, but my fiance thinks we need the support of family which so far, besides for the birth, we haven't needed anything.

  19. My fiance was told after her c section to not even be in a car for 6-8 weeks. Or if you feel pain when someone is braking/accelerating, then it it's too early to be in a car.

  20. dr browns formula pitcher! Formula is good for 24 hours after it’s mixed so we mix a whole days worth at a time. My LO is 8 months now but when he was younger and didn’t eat as consistently we did waste some but the pitcher allows you to pour bottles quickly and then if you need to pour more it’s already made.

  21. My baby is almost 5 weeks and usually she takes 4oz a sitting but if she wants more I fill it up but sometimes she wants less sometimes she wants more and I have totally had to dump formula, it’s so hard to know cause it varies. It does feel wasteful especially cause it’s expensive af lol but she’s very impatient so if I lowball it and have to fill it up again she cries like she hasn’t eaten in years lol you gotta do what you gotta do in the early stages in my opinion!

  22. Yeah, lo is also impatient lol if I'm holding her while I make it she is okay, but that gets a little sketchy lol.

  23. The Daytona can be obtained for free from an accolade.

  24. This is true, but the accolade is a beast of one imo. It's like 150 festival events. So yeah if you just play a lot after a while you will get it, but if you want it NOW then you gotta be ready to drop a couple mil.

  25. Point being that compared to festival playlist exclusives, the Daytona is always available and people will most likely slowly and consistently be adding them to the Forza car economy. The only barriers are credits, which are constantly available, and playtime.

  26. Good point, I didn't even know that the festival cars were exclusive sometimes. Like I said, I'm still pretty new to the game

  27. Speed Zone (Ranchito, 100mph/161kmh) - S2 998 (Anything Goes)

  28. I used the re200. To add to his tips, I cut the very last tight corners to make it through with even more speed. I kept getting like 1 mph under untill I did this because I would slow down too much sliding around that last corner. But as long as your speed that you have built up in the meter is about 130 mph/209kph as you are about to break for the big turn, you should be good.

  29. I was pretty skeptical since most the tune is stock. ( I'm new to tuning), but this is actually really nice.

  30. While tune requests like this are allowed, they stay mostly without answers, especially vague requests like this where we don’t even know what the car is for.

  31. That was clean imo. I just started the game today and I am trying to get better at drifting.

  32. I had just gotten my son to sleep after he fought it for half an hour and I have a ring doorbell so it doesn't make a sound in the house but I get an alert on my phone. Well these gosh darn solicitors walked up ignoring my doorbell and knocked on our metal storm door. Making a loud noise and causing my dog to lose her mind meanwhile I'm 3 feet from the door just about to go put my son in his bed. I was fuming he was screaming and the solicitors kept trying to talk to me still.

  33. Why are you still waking to feed at 7 weeks? You don’t need to unless your doctor has instructed you to but typically once they’re up to birthweight you don’t need to. Enjoy it!!

  34. That's all insured, man. No one's losing any money from the guns being gone or the building being damaged.

  35. If you thought there was a civil war coming you and your frens would at least consider it. But I agree they're probably A holes and this is morally wrong.

  36. I personally don't own guns, but I wish I did. But if that's the case, just stock up on them legally. These guys are more then likely just going to sell them to school friends or gangs. Just my assumption though. If it's end of times, all out war, and I don't have any weapons, breaking into the store still probably isn't the best idea. If you are elucky enough to be the first person to do it then maybe. Better to just be prepared beforehand imo, but what do ik

  37. Does anyone else have fingers that are so fat that they have to try and hit the pause button like 30 times so they can peacefully look at comments?

  38. It sounds like your dog is reactive and you may benefit from some training, whether you hire someone or thoroughly research and put the time and effort in to work on it on your own.

  39. Thanks for sharing that page! And we do not walk them together jsyk. He is very reactive but tends to listen to me, not my wife.

  40. Actually I'm not sure if the neighbors is. We got ours from the shelter and they pay to have them fixed. It is a requirement around here.

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