1. I remember Derrick said that's just a animation error

  2. No, for the same reason Omniverse Ben was unable to use him for a while. There was some kind of mental block preventing Ben from using him.

  3. They might be given contracts for X amount of appearances over Y amount of years, depending on which comes first or if there’s any adjustment to the slate (for whatever reason). E.g. 10 appearances within the next 7 years.

  4. Hi Opposite-Arachnid-81! We've detected that you've posted fan art. If this is your own art feel free to leave a link to where people can find more of your art as a reply to this comment.

  5. Ok, let's suppose he wasn't able to use his full power. But it's alien x we talking about. What happened to his durability, the Solid celestialsapien skin to even survive the destruction of the universe. Keep in mind that I am talking about the durability , not the powers. How can he take punches and kicks from Fourarms, Rath, Ripjaws and Humangasaur? Does it really makes sense? He should be durable enough to not even feel a thing when Fourarms, Rath and Humangasaur were hitting Alien x.

  6. all ben 10 lore is explained no mystery left to dig

  7. As I say there are lot of stuff other than I mentioned to which we can deep dive and explore. Also, do u really think Kevin's backstory is some sort of a fairy tale. Bruh, it's too complex. It will take a 20-30 mins of a feature video to explain that.

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