1. Nope what game breaking bugs name them because Madden just deleting your franchise is worse than anything 2k has done. That's not a bug so not sure why you brought that up it's not like Kyrie is dunking on Shaq in the game

  2. You totally missed the point there, which was Shaq dunking on Kyrie, Kyrie doesn’t just stand in front of Shaq while doing nothing. That’s the point of that, as a defender you should always be able to at least attempt to block the shot, not just stand in front of the bulldozing attacker like “come on hit me”

  3. I said Kyrie for a reason. It's not madden where you just chuck it deep and everyone has a chance for the ball. Shaq would push Kyrie into the stands or to the floor every time even if he jumped with Shaq he'd absolutely get bodied and would foul Shaq. You mean stand there like this ? It's not that unrealistic to occasionally stand there even the best defenders dont go up everytime

  4. I know it happens irl sometimes but in 2K, it happens all the time if someone with a with say a 90 driving dunk gets to dunk over someone with a 97 block. Happens to me a lot

  5. I’ve got this weird bug that happens when I try and change the weather and time right before I play a match in the game settings, however it won’t actually save. Does anyone know how to fix it? Playing on a ps5.

  6. Could be wrong but I don’t think you can do that, not 100% sure though

  7. Ah shame, you could definitely change time and weather for a game in previous fifa’s

  8. Not in career mode you can, but also I just returned to FIFA last year for 22, before that last FIFA was 14 I think, it was David Beckham’s last year

  9. That’s why I will never pay those prices for top cards that way if the value declines then I’m not out thousands

  10. You think that’s bad 😂 look at 2K. I know this might sound toxic but do not mean it to be so I apologize for that

  11. That’s why you don’t buy myteam points, or vc for that matter. I believe buying mt is a bit of a scam because I believe it’s people from 2K that do this so they can get away with banning people, but on the other hand why would you ban people who are giving you money? But it’s 2K after all they are a bunch of lazy arses who ruin everything they touch.

  12. In my opinion it should be a green or miss, but it’s not that bad now that we had some time with it and 2K will never find balance every update every year something is more op than last year, and something doesn’t mean as much as it used to

  13. I think it should be top of the arch. Literally everything has a different release. When your hands reach the pinnacle and not a flash later. It is literally the way you shoot.

  14. Yeah I do agree with you on that but it’s 2K after all if they try to make something “take more skill” it’s too hard or it’s too easy

  15. I’m getting everyone because I want Allen, because then I would have opal Dame at point opal Mitchell at 2, then currently have opal Zion at the 3(who is a monster at the 3) forget who is at the 4 but it’s an opal 7 footer, and opal jjj currently at center

  16. Out of the two? Joel but there are better options than him I got him from the token market haven’t used him

  17. Afterwards a few weeks they should cost tokens because some of us don’t have time to grind or play other games

  18. Imagine Ricochet, Paul, and Braun as a team, I think it would be a cool team

  19. I always threaten to do this to Jason when I am the host, but I never do it I just use it as a way to buy myself sometime and maybe repair the car, or the boat, or call the cops

  20. See I like it, for the most part, it’s supposed to be fun, but should be competitive too

  21. Either way they both are monsters and whichever one isn’t in the starting lineup is coming off the bench

  22. I'm curious as to why you are seemingly pushing back on most of the suggestions that you asked for?

  23. Not pushing back, the comments that I replied to, are me further discussing with someone. Which I am more likely to reply to someone who simply gives advice, over someone who says “fuuu Trae

  24. If you needed a better center, there are plenty of cheap options. Rudy is slow and really outdated, doesn't have the badges.

  25. I know he’s slow and all that, he won’t be in my lineup at least for online play, I got Joel from the Token market pairing him up with jjj for now at least and Bam coming off the bench

  26. How bout the Blues? Play with a decent team and veterans instead of going into a trash fire to be saviour

  27. That would be ideal honestly coming into any sport as a rookie but doesn’t happen a lot

  28. Not Chicago. With the scandal surrounding that team they deserve to suck for a long long time

  29. Yeah I always bought him every United career mode since 09 haha

  30. Last night it was weird because I got an offer offer for Ronaldo at 41.5m, I delegated it and got an offer of 50.9m, but I guess their board saw the bid and fired the manager 😂 because then it got withdrawn, which if I got 50.9m I probably would have accepted it

  31. For some reason I can never bring myself to sell him, I have a massive soft spot for academy players. He’s actually a good CB option. Usually spends his entire career as a rotation option for me. Same with Maguire, Lindelof , VDB, Elanga… I don’t have the heart to get rid of them haha

  32. That’s my problem with Ronaldo. He is my favorite player, since Wayne Rooney retired

  33. I couldn’t pass it until I knew I could take four with me, so I tried to find a commando, a rocket trooper, a jet trooper, take them with me and just focus on protecting one instead of all of them

  34. For me it’s the same as the agent 1&3 chapters were good but 2 holds it back

  35. Mine is Opal Trae Young, back in season 3 all I heard is “isn’t worth the grind for” but he’s a monster, I hit layups over guys like Kareem, Yao, Wilt, etc, I found his jump shot hard to get the hang of at first, but once you do that he’s GOATED, especially now since I have opal Dame, who has a 99 3, then I boosted Young so he has a 99 3, and of course I have an all opal starting 5 so if anyone leaves anyone open at the 3, chalk it up, or I blow by them for the 2.

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