1. Can someone explain this to me simply as someone who understands little about investment stuff?

  2. Feels like the Battlefield series for me with it ending with BF1

  3. If you ever meet the owner don't forget to ask him if he's ever "tracked the car" and then enjoy the awkward moment where he thinks you're judging him as a poseur.

  4. I often like to think of the funny idea of asking sports car owners what track they like to go to for track days to expose being a 0-60 street light racing poser but I often remember that not everyone has the time and effort to do track days. It's just funny when most people think that racing is just racing from light to light while zig zagging through traffic

  5. LOL, you are not wrong. Worst drivers ever.

  6. I dunno.. I live in Cincinnati and I'd like to vote this city as having the worst drivers

  7. I drove a Camry recently… it reminded me that straight line speed in econoboxes means so little to me lol

  8. Agreed. I test drove a Bullitt Mustang and it was by far the dumbest powertrain I've experienced. 0-60 times are great....but that's because 2nd gear tops out at 87mph. It's got a great revving motor, but you can only rev it out once in first, shift into second, and boom you're already at the speed limit. Not a whole lot of fun on the streets.

  9. I think Ford wants the Mustang to be a casual street light racer tbh. That type of gearing isn’t good for the track

  10. Yes, their Apple Watch app is really great and it has specific treadmill workouts. It takes pace and distance straight from the foot pod and is super responsive. It syncs into Apple Health.

  11. I’m probably going to get this now, especially because they have treadmill workouts. Have you tested if the accuracy measured by Stryd is good for outdoor running? How off is it?

  12. Stryd uses the phone GPS, but you can set the AW app to use Stryd's measured stride length to calculate distance-- it seems more accurate to me than GPS alone (especially for treadmills!) but you can calibrate it on a track if you really, really want max accuracy.

  13. Thanks for this. So for more accuracy, you connect it to your phone and not your watch? I have a Wi-Fi only AW

  14. For 3-4 years you could pick them up for anywhere around $30-40k after tax credits and state rebates. That, combined with the fuel savings, no oil changes, etc. they were quite reasonable. Probably not much more than an Accord in the long run.

  15. Are these tax credits and rebates only in California?

  16. I think it gets worse over time. I had my AirPods Pro for two years and just had them replaced under AppleCare today. The ANC is so much better than the pair they replaced.

  17. That’s an interesting point. Have considered that

  18. The fact it’s now priced really cheaply also helps, I’m willing to take a punt on most games for £20 (and I’ve had way more enjoyment out of it than I suspected!)

  19. The people who waited to play this game after it's many bug updates have won here! The fundamental issues weren't fixed based on what was marketed to consumers though, but if you ignore that it's fun for what it is. I played the first half of it on my PS4 and it was so insanely buggy lol. The game even crashed at the final credits

  20. for a track use in ideal conditions 4wd is overkill. you want max savings in weight and rally cars are not that. there where cases in 90s where a kit car (a 2wd car) would win a tarmac rally over wrc 4wd car because of weight.

  21. Yep. Rally cars are usable on the track but are not the most ideal because of weight. Unless there is rain

  22. Finally playing Stardew Valley for the first time!

  23. I’d be more willing to play if there was a good way to mark an ‘end’ for Stardew Valley

  24. This game does not deserve to comeback like this. It just gives an incentive to corporations to release out broken games and get the cash and fix the game later.

  25. It still made so much money too. All of these other developers are taking note of that

  26. Anime is awesome. Even if you don't like the game check it out.

  27. 2021 STI Final Edition, GR Corolla, 2023 Type R, Elantra N, Veloster N, 2022 WRX, Camry TRD. My honest wishlist. But in reality we’re getting GR86/BRZ VGT, GR86/BRZ Track Edition, GR86/BRZ something.

  28. My first thought. There’s a lot of sub $50k modern sports cars that need to be added. And not in GT4 form, but street class form

  29. Wish they just made it a huge BF4 expansion

  30. I'm at the age, income, technical skill level, etc. that I just don't feel like fucking around with a backdoor.

  31. That’s why I got premium… I’m now too old with too many responsibilities to make time to mess with buggy back door

  32. Idk, it definitely helps that I'm single with no kids, but YouTube premium is one of those subs I'll never get rid of if I don't have to. Almost all of my podcasts are watched through YouTube since getting it. That and YouTube music alone makes it worth it for me.

  33. YouTube premium was a great purchase for me too but I am fortunate enough to be able to afford it. Not everyone is able to. I’d imagine the frustrations people have with spending 1/5 of video time watching ads

  34. I groaned when I read that was the reason. Surely is the electric blankets making F1 not climate friendly!!

  35. There are some cost and environmental benefits, but the real reason is to spice up the racing. When cars come out of the pits with tires at full temperature, it is really easy for them to hold position against the cars behind them. But if cars come out of the pits with cold tires that have as much grip as glass, it gets a lot more interesting when the car now has to defend against serious attacks from the cars behind.

  36. Have to admit, that does make it more interesting

  37. And on stickier tire. Still very good for being down on power and FWD though.

  38. I HATE how car reviews are not done on the same tires. Feels like a waste to me. Tire types are extremely important in car performance

  39. Middle aged tech dad here who buys GoPros every year to film my kids. I run on a treadmill every day but nothing extreme. I’ve got the disposable income, so why not? Mines out for delivery today.

  40. I got it because it costed the same as the SS AW. That larger screen, flat design, bigger battery, extra button, and brighter screen will be nice. Also titanium

  41. Facts, haven't touched this game since the first week of release

  42. I stopped after a month and told myself RIP battlefield. I do want to play again despite it being so different

  43. I agree. It seems like some apps were made by different people. It’s funny how often they break their own guidelines

  44. My controversial opinion is that this is probably what happens when different departments are working from home... less cohesiveness. Same thing happens in my job when coworkers are all very independent from each other without physical interaction, and over time our practices start becoming more and more distinct from each other

  45. His monster dunks were so effortless in this part of his career... so little gather and had so much spring to his knees lol... my knees aren't the same in my 30's either

  46. Thought there would be a lot more of the first one... maybe because school is in session?

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