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  1. man i really can't get myself to like the MK5, it's just too round

  2. This is a legit question, how is a pizza, from a fast food place, $21?. Here there's a local pizzeria doing delivery and their pizzas are like 7€-10€ at most, with no delivery fee and no mandatory tip, cause the drivers actually get paid well.

  3. If you look closely it's written on the instrument cluster. 3.8l/100km

  4. Osebno se mi zdi imeti otroka sebično in relativno nemoralno. Otroka ne mislim imet. V primeru da bi si ga partnerka želela pač ne bo šlo skozi.

  5. Če vam ni panike it do Lucije priporočam "Santa Lucija". Majo bolj ko ne italijansko kuhinjo, se pa najde tudi kaj bolj domačega. Glede na to da ni vikend se mi zdi da ni treba rezervirati, cene pa so tudi relativno normalne.

  6. While on the topic of "what is this car", i'm pretty sure it's a custom fabricated Aerocoach P-373

  7. It's not exactly. From the cult website (because they're very proud of this bus) it's a1955 GMC Scenicruiser and a 1949 General American Aerocoach melded together. With a Detroit series 60 diesel as the engine.

  8. I didn't know they had a website (also didn't know it was a cult) but it seems like i was still kinda right. The front (and partially rear) ends are definitely from the P-373

  9. Move to Canada, get a decent paying job and a partner. Optional side quest would be buying a house and building a home garage with a lift so i can work on project cars and hang out with friends (preferably while working on project cars).

  10. I started placing my alarm clock across the room so that i have to actually get up to turn it off. Once i turn it off i convince myself that now that i'm already on my feet i might as well start the day so i just go to the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee.

  11. I don’t really mind push starts although I do agree I prefer keys, what I don’t like is the increase of electric handbrakes instead of manual ones.

  12. i seem to be the only one who actually prefers the electronic one. It's just super convenient imo. Whenever i take the key out of the ignition my handbrake automatically engages, meaning i can just go. Also auto disengages when i start, ...

  13. So, ideally you engage a parking brake after you shift to park and before you release the brake pedal, so that the parking brake holds the weight of the car if you're on a hill instead of putting that weight on the engine/transmission (at least that's what I've heard; not sure how critical it is). Automatic parking brake won't do that, unless you hold the brake pedal until after you shut off the car.

  14. I'mma be honest with you, i have never driven an automatic car so I'm not sure what your first statement means, but i do usually come to a complete stop, and then hold the brake until my handbrake engages.

  15. i'm placing my bets that OP is still a developing AI currently in the phase of learning how to get upvotes on posts.

  16. Sem na telemachu še odkar je bil Tušmobil (mislim da dobrih 8 let) pa nikoli imel problemov. Prodajno osebje v večini zelo prijetno, tudi ustrežejo radi. Signal povsod dober, počasi že tudi 5G dobivam skoraj povsod.

  17. Kje pa parkiras? Ta vikend sem se peljal mimo, sem si mislil sigurno ni parkinga…

  18. 90% časa dobim mesto na tistem parkirišču direkt pri plaži. V primeru da ti ni nek problem 15min hoje je sedaj parkirišče tudi takoj pri krožišču pri glavni cesti.

  19. Okej zate, sam ne bi jst tega počela pa z neprimorskimi tablicami. (Maš tud skor zihr une table za v hrib, prepoved za nelokalni promet.)

  20. Glede table nisem prepričan (vem samo da ni tiste na kateri je še kazen napisna), so pa na vrhu hriba neki apartmaji in pa Pastoralni dom, tako da sredi sezone tudi s "tujo" tablico nebi izstopala :)

  21. Idk if your issue is more of a US thing, but i'm surprised by the "spam call". Idk when's the last time i've gotten one, same goes for most of the people i know. Voicemail also pretty much isn't a thing here anymore.

  22. Apart from the fugly wheels, i honestly don't mind it.

  23. Yay to all of the unloved mistakes that will come to fruition, possibly rotting in the adoption system for years?

  24. When I was in Ukraine I paid $8 for unlimited data and calls.

  25. 20€/month. Unlimited calls, texts (EU/EEA) and unlimited data at gigabit speeds (if you're lucky enough to get 5G). The plan also includes 15gb in EU/EEA and 200mb in the US.

  26. Époisses. It's the "stinky" french cheese. Tried it first while pinching my nose and it wasn't all that bad. After i got a bit braver, i tried it without pinching my nose. I got a good whiff of it while putting it in my mouth and it made me vomit lmao.

  27. It still seem to be the only browser that just works. Have tried both you and brave and while they might be good stateside, they're just garbage here. The only other alternatives i can think of are bing and duckduckgo, but at the end of the day google still seems to be on top.

  28. I don’t have the tools to do this, but I’m gonna anyway. Why does it sound weird?

  29. I don't know a single mechanic that uses a torque wrench for wheels.

  30. I do, and so does any good shop. I’m blown away by this careless comment. It’s only your life on the line, no biggie

  31. Goes to show the difference in cultures ig. We still have some Balkan influence and like only 1 out of 10 shops torques the wheels. They mostly just use an impact gun and that's it.

  32. Depends. Best for reliability? 1.9TDI hands down (Tho most EU models were PD, but still regularly doing 400k+ km). Compact and cheap power? 1.8T (currently tuning one). Tho out of every engine my fave is still the V10 TDI.

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