One Piece: Chapter 1056

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  1. I just try to gauge each situation. I own a bakery so I see people who are in the midst of many different types of events/days. Often my older customers, I can just tell really need to talk. It’s such a simple thing to just smile at someone and have a little chit-chat but it can mean the absolute world to that person. If I can tell someone is stressed - I throw out a quick little compliment..’oh I love your nail color!’….Don’t underestimate your ability to boost spirits. It’s a classic domino effect.

  2. The best way to know someone different than you in looks or culture is to ask about it. We also have millions of different hobbies and interests among the 300 million people. People who live in a homogenous country may not have as many things to say or share, obviously they do have stuff to talk about, but less.

  3. Outside the city yeah. In the city not so much since cars and people are loud and no trees and grass

  4. I’m in Philadelphia and the crickets are pretty loud at night and I’m hearing them from my room

  5. I have a friend who’s an objectively decent cook, she knows meat temperatures and what a microwave can and can’t be used for. But when she starts to get creative, all hell breaks loose.

  6. You do realize new recipes are made by adding things you like together, right?

  7. Kaido wasn't beaten 1v1 by Luffy he was slowly worn down by numerous strong opponents with Luffy delivering the final blow, so even now 1v1 Kaido would beat Luffy.

  8. If I remember correctly, Luffy fought Holdem, multiple Gifters, Ulti, Yamato, Apoo, Kaido, and Big Mom before defeating Kaido.

  9. There are 52 weeks in a year. That’s 1 child every week.

  10. I never go to North Philly. Hear too many bad things.

  11. I try to do a cold shower in the morning or warm/hot shower at night.

  12. I'm a dancer so I'm usually very sweaty and gross at the end of the day. I probably couldn't sleep if I didn't shower first. But when I'm on vacation or something I'll do what works best for my schedule.

  13. How’d you get into ballet? I’ve never actually watched it before.

  14. Trinity loves everything except bananas and pepperjack cheese (just pepperjack) and plums. Believe it or not, her favorite thing is a large standard dog cookie.

  15. I speak 3-4 (not all fluently: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Fuzhounese) and know some phrases from another 2 (Korean, Spanish).

  16. Which language would you learn and how would you do that?

  17. I think most people like me who grew up in the city where grocery stores and supermarkets are a couple blocks away, whom grew up eating store-bought products their whole childhood and adulthood, don’t realize that everything you buy in the store can be made at home, with better quality. We’re so out of touch. It becomes quite affordable once someone gains experience and know-how and is fun and rewarding to boot.

  18. Everything’s that’s not mass produced tastes better.

  19. Considering his commanders Mohji, Cabaji, Mr. 3, and Alvida all fought Luffy, Zoro, and/or Sanji, I kinda agree.

  20. As someone who didn’t know that until I looked it up, I wonder how people are supposed to figure this out.

  21. Turns out it’s a game called Survival Kids 2 in greyscale (no color) and the sticker on the cartridge is not correct.

  22. Translates to Lonely Island Adventure 2. Can’t find any info on the game.

  23. Interesting. I don’t remember where I got it from. My parents gave it to me and they used to travel to China. Perhaps they got it there.

  24. I hear the only thing good about it is the sauce

  25. Either it’s not translated or the post hasn’t been updated yet

  26. I’m searching it up and not coming up with anything. According to the wikia, volume 15 has 3 chapters and I don’t know how many parts chapter 2 has.

  27. This depends entirely on if Oda made any errors or stayed consistent

  28. I live in the UK, if I didn't run in the rain I would only be able to run 1-2 months of the year.

  29. plastic bag is a great idea. I found a great tip on this sub...if you have a spare set of running shoes, spray

  30. I’ve read that it’s better to wear wet shoes that dry than to wear waterproof shoes that don’t dry if wet. So your feet don’t prune or smell bad from the sweat and water and bacteria

  31. Do you wear a hat or something to block rain away from your face? What material is your clothes? You’re getting wet but not getting drenched or soaked right?

  32. I just eat ketchup and mayonnaise on fries without giving it a name, since childhood at home. I’ve heard of fry sauce but never had it before as an order.

  33. Buggy has the funds to pay bounties out. Crazy how it works. Imagine Mihawk hunting Vice Admirals or Admirals

  34. Hopefully the new Sixers stadium will be built elsewhere ; otherwise it will fuck up the area

  35. Hopefully if it happens, Chinatown will expand. Don’t know if there’s funding or desire for that though.

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