Megathread: FBI Reportedly Discovers Classified Documents in Monday's Raid on Mar-a-Lago

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FBI looked for documents on nuclear weapons when raiding Trump's home

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  1. Im taking 5 classes, 3 of those are zero-cost courses. Of the two left, I already acquired the textbook for free through a 5 minute google search. The other I haven’t got because I don’t know exactly what textbook will be required, but I’m certain I’ll find it online. Worst case scenario it won’t be the $330 I woulda been charged for equitable access. It’s just not worth it in my case, but I suspect it’s the same for most students.

  2. Talk to financial aid you might be able to get more unsub loans because you can’t take a parent loan out also if you haven’t already check out cal fresh

  3. Qualified for CalFresh last month. I even mentioned that in my financial aid appeal. Hopefully they sympathize with my situation

  4. I signed the first time loan documents today and wondering when I can expect my financial aid to go through?

  5. If you’re talking about the counseling and promissory note, I already had those signed since last year. It still took 2-3 days before the task disappeared on my account. A week later and I still haven’t received any funds.

  6. Same boat here, not a great introduction to SDSU tbh

  7. The difference in attention to students compared to community college has been surprising to say the least. In cc I could easily get a hold of the financial aid office, they’d listen to my concerns and took the time to explain things to me. And it’s not a small school either.

  8. Republicans really have no self awareness. It's almost as if the constant right wing media has messed with parts of their brain. Maybe it's the continuous riling them up to anger. I'm not trying to be snarky about this either, there needs to be a medical study about it.

  9. Wasn’t there a Fox News host that turned out to have parasites in his brain, and when he got rid of them he was no longer a conservative/republican?

  10. They send you an e-mail saying your transaction is complete. That was less than one hour after they drove my vehicle off. I cashed (deposited) the check when I got the mail.

  11. I chose direct deposit so it could be different. The vehicle was picked up late Thursday, so I didn’t get the text that the payment was on it’s way until Friday. But even then it said 1-3 banking days before the funds appear in my account. I’m gonna give it til Wednesday before I begin to panic.

  12. Yeah he just didn’t have an answer, and when he did let his hands go in the closing seconds of the fight, Usyk stood there and traded with him and nearly put him away. I don’t see how AJ going for a KO would improve his odds.

  13. A better way to understand equitable access is to know it was formally know as ‘instant access’. It’s self explanatory. You get access to the course textbooks before the start date. If you don’t give a shit about that go ahead and opt out.

  14. from what I heard, FAFSA is going to automatically pay those fees... but I'm not so sure either! I feel like SDSU financial aid would've let us know if we have to pay out of pocket by now though!

  15. That’s what’s supposed to happen, it’s just that the financial aid is disbursed dangerously close to tuition due date. What I recommend is signing up for the payment plan. This not only breaks up the tuition in payments but it shifts it away to September 20th. There will still be some fees due though, about $1,265 I believe.

  16. Hi so curious is it normal for the disbursement to drop a drastic amount and for financial aid to pay an extremely larger amount now that it’s so close to the deadline because I just noticed today on my charges due having gone down from almost $5K to $66 but can’t contact financial aid office. So is that what you mean when you say financial aid pays the feel like that’s why it dropped to that amount/is that normal for the time being? Want to go ahead and pay it but just not sure if I wait since that amounts so low and changed so drastically so quickly but I want to make sure I pay before Monday because I’m confused are our fee payments still due the 15th because as it was for the $66 it now said due September 20th for that?

  17. If you receive financial aid, it will first go towards paying your tuition, which could explain the drastic change. If there is any leftover, then it will be deposited to your account. If financial aid does not cover the full tuition amount, then you will be billed the difference, which might explain the $66 amount for you see now.

  18. As someone who lives in Tijuana, here’s what happened. Several cars (mostly public transport) around the city were stopped, the people were taken out of the vehicles, and then the vehicles were set ablaze. This is something that the Jalisco cartel had done just a couple days prior in Guanajuato, which is a city in another state. There, however, the cartel also set fire to some 20 Oxxos (think 7-11s for Mexico). This is believed to have been done as a response to the arrest of one of the leaders of the cartel.

  19. En el 2008 empezó una ola de violencia que duró más o menos hasta el 2010 porque el CAF y el CDS se estaban peleando la plaza.

  20. Algo que notar es que en años recientes hay más homicidios en Tijuana, más de doble que 2008-2010. La diferencia es que en esos tiempos estaban levantando y matando gente que no tiene nada que ver.

  21. Most likely cjng trying to divert attention from what happened in Jalisco. Either that, or chapitos are trying full force take over in Baja and Chihuahua at the same time.

  22. I’m out of the loop, what happened in Jalisco that needs diversion?

  23. We went to get food a couple hours ago. Soldiers and police absolutely everywhere. That’s when we got the news about the potential shit fest that’s threatening to happen. Everyone was advised to go home. Shops, bars, casinos, everything is being shut down, although there is no official curfew

  24. What are the odds he’s around long enough to see any real consequences? I have no doubt these sort of proceedings can be delayed over and over again and he croaks before seeing a day behind bars. And his followers will simply say, “he was never convicted!”

  25. hello i have the same issue right now as well. Suddenly all my aid for fall 2022 is gone and i have a high balance i have to pay for myself but my spring aid is still there. I have never seen this and i’m kinda uh sussed out

  26. Same here, I barely qualified for any pell grants and just noticed it's now gone.

  27. Remember that trump compared this to Hillary taking furniture from the White House

  28. I was #5 one day and then #16 the next for a core prerequisite class. In the end they added another CJ300 class but I was a bit nervous for a while there. I was told that could and would happen though

  29. Tuition is a set price no matter how many units you take. Well, part-time is one cost and full time is another. But outside of that you can take as many units as you want, and it's that price.

  30. Well that’s a strange way to structure it. So if you’re full-time then then it makes sense to load up on as many units as possible since it’ll be charged the same, or are there more non-tuition fees the more units you take?

  31. As far as I know the fees are the same across the board. The equitable access program that provides textbooks is priced per unit though (but it's also able to be opted out of and in my opinion should be).

  32. Well shit, here I thought I was gonna owe at least 7k this semester. I think the maximum you can take is 18 units though, anything above that and you’ll need clearance from a counselor or something. I personally did opt out of the equitable access.

  33. Whatever financial aid you receive will first go towards covering your tuition, if there is any left over you’ll receive those funds. If the financial aid doesn’t cover all of your tuition, you will then be billed the difference.

  34. This can happen if someone else with more need (ex. You’re A freshman and they are sophomore+) wants to take the class.

  35. I’m a transfer student, so coming in as a junior. I have to take this course either this fall or I’ll be forced to take summer courses if I want to graduate in 2 years.

  36. I just double checked, the other course is full as well. And those are the only 2 classes that are listed, how does something like this happen?

  37. I don’t see what difference it will make wether you wait on those 3 classes or not. If you get into the other 2 classes your fees will be adjusted then, but you’ll pay the same for the 3 classes you’re already enrolled in.

  38. Not sure about SDSU in particular but when I was in community college the financial aid office seemed more flexible in how they awarded the money. I remember I kept having to accept the new financial aid award every time they shifted some of the funds around, but they were shifted, the Community completion college grant (cccg) funds in particular. I don’t know if this has to do with confusion on their part but I do remember calling and asking about the California college promise grant not covering my tuition for the summer and they said I didn’t qualify, but then an hour after getting off the phone a Cal grant suddenly appeared. Basically it work hurt to call em and ask, the wait times are brutal though.

  39. Was fun but shallow. It lasted a few years but that was it. The fact meta tried to act like it was a new innovation has baffled me to this day.

  40. It’s about trying to maintain control. The majority of people access Facebook through their phones, which are controlled by apple and google. When apple changed up their privacy settings it really fucked with Facebooks ability to generate revenue. Google followed suit to a lesser degree, but it was apparent that Facebook needed a way to control how people accessed their platform. Hence oculus rift and the Metaverse. This method removes apple and google and gives Facebook 100%. It was premature but they had no choice. They had to roll it out.

  41. Manageable assuming you don't have a full time job.

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